Our first steps of building a relationship with both Gwen and Phyllis was to build a small corral so that we could be close enough to both of them and have the peace of the Trust Technique effect them.

Allan built an amazing corral

This then allowed us to get much closer to both of them and start using the Trust Technique to help them feel peaceful with humans

The plan is to use this space and build a relationship where we can introduce the rope, head color and leading them into the trailer.

This may take some time and I have been very impressed with everyone’s commitment in helping and appreciating that this time is so valuable for both Gwen and Phyllis. How long this will take is now purely to the pace of how Gwen receives the trust we are building with her. It takes great strength to move away from human pace and work at the pace of the animals. We are lucky that the people around from the field owner, police, locals and also the staff at Mane Chance understand the importance of the pace and relationship.

Gwen is very pregnant and in our quiet times it was clear that she is becoming uncomfortable and it was lovely to feel that we are helping her on this level as well. There is a big probability that she will be having her foal in this field before the move …….. How amazing that we can be part of this :)

Here is a mini clip of us starting a peaceful relationship