It was now time to take Phyllis and Gwen one step further and we introduced a horse trailer. Backing up into the carral, they were wary but looked to us for support. Being in a peaceful position meant that the horses confidence grew faster.

Phyllis showed her bravery almost immediately and we introduced a little bit of food. It was important to make sure that the use of food was directly proportional to the use of the present moment. The food allowed for motivation to move forward and the present moment allowed for that supportive feeling needed in a new situation.
It was so lovely to see Phyllis coming back to us for reassurance all the time and gradually her confidence grew and she took her first steps into the trailer. Before long, she was in and out without hesitance.
Gwen decided to take a little more time with the trailer but we were happy to work for as long as she needed and at her pace. She is now beginning to understand that the horse trailer is not a threat and she’s learning all the time.

With such lovely progress being made, we are off to see the horses again tomorrow where we will work in confidence, support and peace.
The journey to a better and brighter home is, quite literally, becoming closer every day!

See the progress we’ve made here: