Yesterday was a great day for Gwen, Phyllis and the staff at the Mane Chance rescue. After spending time with both the ponies and building their trust with the Trust Technique, we were all ready for the journey to a new home!

It was clear last week that Phyllis was ready for the journey, she was confident in the trailer (if anything we could not get her out of her new toy!). However it was Gwen, her Mum, that needed more time and ultimately, more trust. This method of working with the animals only regards one pace and that is the pace of the animal. This is determined by how much trust we have created together.

Once Gwen was ready we transported her first leaving Phyllis behind. I was a little concerned that Phyllis would be nervous when her Mum was no longer there, so I stayed with her until the trailer was back from delivering Gwen. My concerns were unnecessary as she did not react at all. It was however a very special time for Bob, the gentleman who had been looking after the ponies in their make-shift field. Bob is a very special man who had helped save these two from a very negative future. It was Bob who had named them Gwen and Phyllis after his late wife who died last year. It was very obvious just how much these two mean to him, as suddenly it was a reality that they would be moving.
Please don’t worry as their relationship does not end here. Mane Chance is only 20 mins down the road and Bob being retired (with time to spare) will be coming down regularly to catch up with them. :)

I am delighted with this next step and look forward to helping them in the future. Normally I would only spend 4 days with a rescue center but Mane Chance is only 10 minutes from my home… of course I will be there to help them with the next step of this lovely journey.

To be continued….