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  1. Hi, can I find the names / emails of people who purchased a course with via my affiliate link? Might be a good idea to do follow ups, as I have learned in last zoom that there are people who struggle on their way using the course. Would be sad, if those people would just be left alone. Not everybody is doing the first step and ask for help.
    Warm Regards

    1. Hi Matthias, I also asked the same question and feel it’s important for our list building to be able to capture emails. Have you found a way to do it? In one of the last sections James does mention contacting them to get help w/ biz building. Just curious if you’ve worked out a way to capture emails using the free video link. TIA.

    1. Hi Corinne, please log into your membership, on the left-hand side menu click the tiny little arrow next to “Practitioner” to open the menu giving you the Resources option, click Resources, then Affiliate Area and register 🙂 once your affiliate link has been created you can share it with your clients. Anyone who comes into our website via your affiliate link gets tracked to your affiliate, everyone gets the Messages of Trust for free (hence no affiliate referral) – if they convert and purchase the TT Video Course you will receive a payment of 15% for TTP learners, 30% for qualified TTPs, payed out once a year. Please email us at if you need any further info or support. Warm Regards, The Trust Technique Team

  2. I registered for the affiliate link. However, it asked for my paypal email, I created a paypal link. I wasn’t asked by paypal to set up a paypal email. So I’ve entered my business email in the affiliate register area. Not sure that is correct?

  3. I have made referrals but not the correct process I suspect as I have trouble copying and pasting; Ill have to see if I can find help with that.

  4. Hello Olga –
    Would you kindly post my affiliate link for the video course? I believe that’s the one I should send with my consultation letter, right? Thank you so much for your attention to this matter.
    Best, K2

    1. Hi Karolann,
      To create your affiliate link:
      Please log in to your membership
      Click on the arrow next to the practitioner tab on the far left of the screen
      In resources click on the affiliate tab
      Complete the form
      And await an email from Trust Technique that your affiliate has been registered.
      If you get lost, please do send us an email so we can send you a link to a video explaining the process.
      Warm Regards!

    2. Hi Karolann, Please note that you can access your affiliate link once you have applied for the affiliate link. I can see that you have requested one by using the form. My colleague will action this for you this week. Warm Regards, Olga

    1. Your affiliate link is for other people to purchase the courses, hence allowing you to receive an affiliate share of the purchase. If you would like to gift them a course, just use a regular gift voucher from our gift voucher page.

  5. I have just told one of my GYOE clients about the MOT to get in the meantime before I start with the consultations. But I totally forgot about this affiliate program. So she may have already purchased it, not sure. I just now registered for it. I guess I’m a little confused about gifting it. Does “gifting” the MOT mean the client will receive it for free or pay for the MOT and have opportunity for video course at a discount?

    1. Dear Debbie, here is the step by step explanation of how to register your affiliate which I see you have done already this morning. :)I have popped the link below for your to the affiliate form which you complete to activate your affiliate link.

      A process on where to find above forms and activate affiliate link

      1. Click the arrow next to practitioner home

      2. Click on the resources tab

      3. Click on Affiliate link TAB

      4. Click on the form and complete

      Where to find your link in the future

      1. Log into your membership

      2. Click Account Settings TAB on the left-hand side of the page

      3. In the white screen click on the affiliate area tab

      4. This is where you can find your link and create new links

      I do hope that this has been helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me us you have any other questions.
      Below is a link to the forums where we explain how these affiliates work.

      Warm Regards, Olga

  6. Good morning. Thank you for the referral link. Would you help me clarify a couple of things? In the resources affiliate area is says the link send clients to the free offer where they will be offered a discount of Trust Technique Video Course. The link I received sends to the paid Messages of Trust and the email says something about buying the video course after free access… so I’m not clear on exactly what they get.

    Also it says there are 3 products – Lifetime – Lifetime Discounted- Yearly. The difference between Lifetime and Yearly seems obvious, but what is Lifetime Discounted. I wasn’t aware there were different options.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share in a way that helps everyone along the line!

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for your questions, and yes since 2020 we did a vote and took practitioner views, that the affiliate program stays on the TTVC, as our marketing flow is the Intro MOT first, which leads into the TTVC, the affiliate link take your clients to the Message of Trust first. (no affiliate on this smaller product). They then have two choices- £297 full price, or discounted £197- No yearly anymore. You will then receive your affiliate payment on either the £297, or £197 as per how the client purchases. We pay the affiliate payments to learners at the end of march our financial end.

    1. Hi Shelley, sorry no can do -with an affiliate program, as it runs on the amount to calculate the affiliate allocation, which can not be 0 via a voucher. The affiliate however is only paid on the Video course purchase, not the message of trust payment. Eg most people can afford the Message of Trust, it is also nice to gift it, though it shows a good start or basis from the get-go that the four GYOE clients you are working with have all grabbed the message of trust via your email connection of which you include your affiliate link in this email. I know many practitioners or learners gift the message of trust, I do as well, I also like finding the mutual balance of responsibility and participation…xx

  7. Hi, I’ve registered for the affiliate. I’ve got the affiliate link for the messages of trust. Will there also be a link for the video course? I have a girlfriend who I referred to the TT and she has bought the Messages of Trust already, but is now interested in purchasing the Video course. Thanks, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa, the process for the Affiliates is as follows: The link will be the same as your friend completes watching the Messages of Trust, she will then be guided into the sponsorship offers for the video course and her purchase is tracked by the same link. Best Wishes, Olga

    1. Dear Erdmuthe, Thank you for your question. All referrals are paid out once a year at the end of March beginning of April. Please ensure that your PayPal payment email is stored correctly in the Affiliates area in your membership as all payments are made to and via PayPal. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any other questions. Warn Regards, Olga

  8. Thanks so much for allowing me to be an affiliate. I am on it! Love spreading the news for TT, and I would do it for free anyway…so this is a bonus:)

      1. The Trust Technique works with all sentient beings, of course, cats are one of the most superior sentient beings… so our cats tell us !!!
        Seriously we have worked with many rescue cats and its beautiful