Trust Technique Weekend Clinic Review

What is your overall opinion of the Trust Technique Clinic?

What do past attendees have to say?

Marcelle Stubbs

Wow, that was a weekend to remember for the rest of my life. I loved every minute and learned so much from this course, I could hardly bring myself to leave at the end of it. It’s such a simple and logical concept although so difficult to explain, but James and Shelley managed to show us everything with their peacefulness, regard, patience and understanding. Thanks so much – you and the beautiful horses have been an inspiration to me and opened up a part of my soul that I didn’t know existed. I now hope to follow my dream.


Thank you so much for this amazing weekend! I feel very fortunate that I was able to join this workshop. It was wonderful to have an actual experience of the Trust Technique. I was deeply touched witnessing the depth of relationship that both James and Shelley have with the horses. The weekend was magical!

I also found that my relationship with our dog has deepened since coming home from the weekend. The workshop brought about a personal transformation as well.

Thank you!!

Pirjo Kemppainen

Life changing experience which will carry me in my private and professional life. Shelly, James, your dream is mine and beyond!


I feel so incredibly privileged to have been part of your course this weekend, thank you. I’m so glad I was quick at putting my name down!! I haven’t stopped talking about it since I got home!!

Being Present with Bobbi on Sunday was an incredibly moving experience and is something I’ll never forget.

The world would be very different place if we all used the Trust Technique.


I just attended the June Trust Technique workshop and have to say it was one of the most inspirational and touching weekends I have ever experienced. Learning to get such a deep connection with animals and to help them heal is something everyone should experience. James and Shelley were great at showing us how to work with the horses and the whole weekend was magic. If you’re looking to work with animals or just want to create a deeper connection with your own pet then this is well worth getting yourself booked on! Thank you James and Shelley x