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Trust Technique Clinic
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by LucyWildsmith on Trust Technique Clinic

I feel so incredibly privileged to have been part of your course this weekend, thank you. I'm so glad I was quick at putting my name down!! I haven't stopped talking about it since I got home!!

Being Present with Bobbi on Sunday was an incredibly moving experience and is something I'll never forget.

The world would be very different place if we all used the Trust Technique.

by Jason on Trust Technique Clinic

I just attended the June Trust Technique workshop and have to say it was one of the most inspirational and touching weekends I have ever experienced. Learning to get such a deep connection with animals and to help them heal is something everyone should experience. James and Shelley were great at showing us how to work with the horses and the whole weekend was magic. If you're looking to work with animals or just want to create a deeper connection with your own pet then this is well worth getting yourself booked on! Thank you James and Shelley x

by Gina Hankins on Trust Technique Clinic

What a truly wonderful 2 days. To have been able to find peace tranquillity and a true regard for both people and animals has been such a very moving experience which I look forward to moving on with.

by Lyn on Trust Technique Clinic

James teaches a whole new understanding of how to be with animals, this is a very inspiring and special weekend. Getting the Trust of the horses to lie down beside you is a very magical experience.- remember horses are a flight animal -.James is a wonderful teacher and has a vast knowledge of animals and how to care for them he is an inspiration to anyone attending this course. Thank you James and Shelly for the wonderful work you both are doing. The Mane Chance Sanctury is a credit to you both. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who works with animals and especially those working in animal rescue centres

by Gwen McLeod on Trust Technique Clinic

What an absolutely awesome experience! I'd looked forward to the Clinic for a long time having been on the waiting list for some months and it's fair to say it exceeded my expectations on every level. I'd hoped to develop myself and to discover new possibilities for working therapeutically with horses and I came away having a rich, profound experience of both. The Sanctuary is the most serene and perfect setting to experience the peace and unifying effect of what is such a simple but equally profound technique. James is an inspiring teacher and human being. It was truly a gift to spend time with the horses in such a 'present' way. To witness the depth of relationship that clearly exists between James and all of the horses is like nothing I've ever seen and completely beautiful - as it is to see such happy, healthy horses given the past trauma most of them have in their history. I would heartily recommend this course - not just for those with a professional connect with animals but anyone who cares for them and believes in authentic living. Thank you James, Shelley and all at Mane Chance, with love Gwen x

by Denise on Trust Technique Clinic

Just completed the Trust Technique weekend at Mane Chance Sanctuary - it was phenominal. As a pet owner, my relationship with Tayto (rescued Jack Russell) has blossomed. James helped me through my own blockage which greatly helped me relate to Tayto's issues. Working with the horses opened up a whole new understanding for me - a whole new dimension to the world that I had missed. I encourage everyone to come meet James & Shelley and experience what they have created and witness the wonderful potential that lies ahead.

by Nancy Bottura on Trust Technique Clinic

Gentle, subtle and yet so powerful is how I would describe the Trust Technique. I found the whole weekend very inspiring, James is a great teacher. I feel I have been shown a new way of being with animals. I have already been putting into practice what I learnt with my animals at home and I know this will also enhance my work with animals as a healer and animal communicator. I received so many things from this weekend I feel that it has touched me on a deep level. I found the time spent with the horses to be very special and moving. I would highly recommend this clinic.

by Helena Greenwood on Trust Technique Clinic

As someone who treats animals as well as humans in my profession as an osteopath, this course answered a lot of questions that had arisen for me over the years - in some ways, it felt like coming home to something I'd glimpsed before from a long way off but James made it clear and simple and profound, all at the same time and the physical effect on the horses was clear. Working with James, Shelley and the horses at Mane Chance was a wonderful weekend and a privilege; I know that the tools it has given me will help me with my current work and my own 'stuff' and I am excited about the doors to new possibilities that it has opened. I recommend this course to anyone who works with or owns animals.

by Marcelle Stubbs on Trust Technique Clinic

Wow, that was a weekend to remember for the rest of my life. I loved every minute and learned so much from this course, I could hardly bring myself to leave at the end of it. It's such a simple and logical concept although so difficult to explain, but James and Shelley managed to show us everything with their peacefulness, regard, patience and understanding. Thanks so much - you and the beautiful horses have been an inspiration to me and opened up a part of my soul that I didn't know existed. I now hope to follow my dream.

by Petra Jeffrey-Hofman on Trust Technique Clinic

I took part in the Trust Technique weekend on 6 and 7 September this year. and in many ways it felt like coming home. I have studied the work of and have met several animal communicators, healers and 'whisperers' over the past 20 years, but James French beats them all. Not only is the trust technique incredibly powerful, works on humans as well animals, but it is also beautifully simple. You do not need special equipment, round pens or 'magical' gifts. All you need to do is to be present. This can be learned by anybody and it can be applied anywhere, at any time. As a volunteer at Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary, I have seen first hand how extremely traumatised horses can be turned round into happy, relaxed and trusting animals using the trust technique. I myself have started using the trust technique with my own animals at home, but I have also started applying it at work, in my class of 13 junior school children with special educational needs. When we all get present, a wonderful sense of calm and peace settles over the room. My assistants and I also use the technique to support children who are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or who have just had a tantrum or other major upset. Especially those children who have limited speech or are emotionally fragile, are able to release a lot of tension with the trust technique and will often sigh and yawn before they settle back down to work again. Wouldn't it be great if every teacher in the land could learn the trust technique?

by Karen Morgan on Trust Technique Clinic

I had my name on the waiting list and was so excited when at short notice a place became available on the 6th Sept 2014 course. A little nervous on arrival, one cannot help to be put at ease by the peace that envelops the sanctuary and the welcome given by James and Shelley. It is not an exaggeration to say that what I learnt and the tools that I have come away with, has saved the life of my beautiful border collie, Jackson, who had fear aggression and for whom euthanasia had been recommended by my vet. In a clear, gentle way, James helped me `open doors’ which I didn’t realise were there, let alone closed ! I left with a practical action plan that will make real differences in Jackson’s and my life. I cannot thank James or recommend the course highly enough. Karen x

by Susie on Trust Technique Clinic

I am so pleased I attended this course. It was just what I needed I was feeling a bit stuck and looking for something that I could do to help myself and others. It is amazingly simple but really powerful. Meeting like minded people on the course was also wonderful. I am hopefully going to continue studying with James, he is very talented and compassionate. If you are looking for a healing technique that you can see working then this is it!! If you are reading this then just book the course, you will not regret it!

by Liz Newsham on Trust Technique Clinic

What an amazing weekend on the Trust Technique course with James, Shelley, Evie and the beautiful horses. James is such a warm, peaceful person, and a very gentle teacher. Lots of happiness and humour while learning to regard animals and help them with the Trust Technique. I`ve come away feeling very peaceful and I hope I helped to give some of that peacefulness to the horses I sat with. They are a really special group of horses, so gentle and affectionate and sometimes cheeky (Blueboy!) They are so full of character and how I wish I could be around them everyday. James and Shelley have the most amazing life helping those animals. I couldn't think of a better thing to do in life. If I can do another course at Mane Chance with them I will do.

by Angie Dean on Trust Technique Clinic

I have been around horses for many years in a very informal way. I loved the approach taken by James, and the Trust Technique results are beyond amazing. After a truly heartwarming weekend, i have today spent time with my own horses, starting to put into practice what I have learned this weekend. That was a wonderful experience, and one I look forward to repeating tomorrow. My little herd of three and I will benefit SO much from what I have learned.

I fully recommend this technique for anyone who wants to connect with animals on a very deep, compassionate and fulfilling level; and really feel that given the opportunity, your animal companions would ask you to attend! !

by Colin Welborn on Trust Technique Clinic

This was an amazing, life changing, weekend. James and Shelly have shown me a completely different approach to 'working' with horses and I feel a new door has opened for me in how address Issues in the future.

Thank you so, so much. I am exhausted but reflective and it's all positive. My confidence about being with horses is restored and am keen to share with others. Try it, there is nothing too and so so much to gain.

Thank you


by Delia on Trust Technique Clinic

It was by pure divine intervention that I found and was able to attend the Clinic on 31st of May 2014. It is truly one of the most profound experiences that I have ever had. I was reminded of my true self again. It reaffirmed my beliefs that we are not here to dominate animals but to walk side by side with them, in harmony and with love and respect. We should not dominate and overpower them with our demands, to then be upset and angry when they do not respond in the way we wanted them to. The weekend with the horses was so peaceful and harmonious. Learning about the trust techniques and the effects it has and then seeing this in practice on humans and animals alike is very humbling. I have since started to apply this to all aspects of my life and the ripple effect on relationships, business, my pets and all animals round me has been truly amazing to see. In all this, I have found a calm, peaceful place that has made my life so much better. I would just like to say big thank you to James, Shelly and all the horses at Mane Chance; what you do matter so much to humans and animals!

by Audrey Jacquin on Trust Technique Clinic

I attended the Trust Technique Clinic at Mane Chance Sanctuary on the 31st May and 1st June, travelling from Ireland. It was an amazing experience and life changing for both humans and animals. I can only highly recommend attending one of the clinics (even if you live abroad, it is worth travelling for it). Mane Chance Sanctuary is a beautiful and soothing place, a little piece of Heaven on Earth. James and Shelley are inspirational, very warm and kind. Their passion for the Trust Technique and the welfare of the horses and all animals shines through. I came out of the week-end feeling very peaceful and have managed to keep the present moment feeling with me ever since and my dogs love it. A big Thank You again to James and Shelley for the unforgettable experience.

by Michelle Murphy on Trust Technique Clinic

I took part in tht TT weekend recently (30th- 31st of May 2014) it was the most amazing experience I've ever had and it's incredibly difficult to find the right words to sum up the experience. It was great to get in touch with animals in such a tranquil place and I loved that the trust technique is about slowing down and getting present so as the animal feels comfortable in human company. I am a recent vet nursing grad and will definitely be using this technique to help reduce stress for the animals which will further help their recovery. The weekend also worked on using the technique for ourselves also and it was quite an amazing experience and impowering to be able to quieten any negative thoughts that I had. I will continue to use this for myself and animals as it so worthwhile for us all! A huge thank you to James and Shelly for sharing their knowledge and passion in such a gentle, warm and caring way. I'm so happy there are people out there trying to bring balance back to the human animal bond. A huge thanks to all the horses of course too : ) especially Fred, Snoop and Timmy. I miss everyone already! I highly recommend this experience , it will be one to remember!

by JaneRoberts on Trust Technique Clinic

We attended a trust technique seminar with James and the difference in handling our animals has been immense. I use the technique nearly every day when I bring in my horses and to calm them down when they are feisty. We have already enrolled for the ACT1 course and I can’t wait to start.

by JaneRoberts on Trust Technique Clinic

We attended a trust technique seminar with James and the difference in handling our animals has been immense. I use the technique nearly every day when I bring in my horses and to calm them down when they are feisty. We have already enrolled for the ACT1 course and I can’t wait to start.

by Harri on Trust Technique Clinic

The TT weekend is currently located at the Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary so the attendees arent the only ones benefiting from the course. My personal experience was profound and working around the horses was just magical. I have found it hard to find the words to describe the experience: Beautiful, magical, deeply life changing, yet simple. I cant wait for the practitioners course so that I can spread the word! I have come away with a new and more effective way of looking at the world and the beings around me. It has brought me a thousand steps closer to, and with a view of realising my dream of working with animals in the right way! Thank you James, Shelley, Horus, Phylis, Gwen et al...

by Jackie Derham on Trust Technique Clinic

Attended a TT weekend on 31 Aug 2013. This weekend with James & Shelley was a breath of fresh air. Its a personal journey as well as an animal teaching/connecting one. The Trust Technique is gentle and it is a joy to slow down enough to see how being in the present moment effects the animals, and how that progresses to enabling them to be comfortable being with us. James also goes through how we can use it to heal ourselves and we all need that. James is magic so calm, patient, knowledgeable & wise. Both he and Shelley are so passionate about the sanctuary it is a joy to spend the weekend with them. If you are thinking of doing a TT w/end please do not hesitate, you will not regret it. 🙂

by Tony Lambert on Trust Technique Clinic

I have been a supporter of Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary since the start and have been observing James French’s work for some time. Being a lover of Animals I thought I would enrol for the Trust Technique Clinic which was held at The Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary. I cannot recommend it highly enough. James and Shelly are passionate about the Trust Technique and that passion was picked up by the group. James teaches you how to get present with the horses which is an unbelievable experience. James and Shelly also taught us life skills that can be used to keep us calm and relaxed in the busy and stressful world we live in. I drove back to the North West a happy and relaxed camper.

by Anne Peter on Trust Technique Clinic

Had a most amazing and life changing weekend learning about the Trust Technique with James French and Team. Being amongst the horses was a humbling experience never to be forgotten and both my Greyhounds experienced the magic of the weekend too. James kindly taught Paddy that men were OK really and Desi grew up.....Thank you All.

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by Veronica Grint on Trust Technique Clinic

I attended the TT clinic at Mane Chance in June 2013, and what a brilliant weekend it was. The videos of James doing the TT are excellent, but actually being able to work with him and Shelley in person with the MC horses was such a humbling experience. I remember getting present with Lucy, who eventualy sat down beside me. I have to say that I was completely overwhelmed by this beautiful experience, and highly recommend the course to anyone who loves animals. Thank you James and Shelley. Veronica x

by Robyn Harris on Trust Technique Clinic

I attended a Trust Technique clinic because Ive been watching the videos and I thought it would be very helpful to get some practice with the experts. It was a wonderful weekend and I feel that I learnt so much, which I will use in my work with animals. The whole experience was gentle but profound and James and Shelley do amazing work. Shortly after the weekend I attended a conference on Awakening to Animals and I couldnt stop telling everybody about the Trust Technique. If you want to develop a deeper relationship with the animals in your life I thoroughly recommend attending one of these clinics!

by Catherine Elliott on Trust Technique Clinic

I just spent the most amazing weekend with James, Shelley and 7 other people at the Mane Chance Sanctuary learning the Trust Technique. It was a humbling and hugely cathartic experience and one not to be missed. If you have any interest in changing the life of animals (and yourself) for the better then there can be no better way than experiencing the bliss that you feel attending this wonderful course.

by Lusi Elliot on Trust Technique Clinic

the weekend was inspirational - both for connecting in such a simple and easy way with animals, but also so help heal the wounds we carry inside that prevent us from living a truly authentic life..... with the Trust Technique you can heal yourself and your animal friends - cant wait to do the Practitioners Course!! thank you both James and Shelley for sharing yourselves so honesty and lovingly

by Carolin Gibbs on Trust Technique Clinic

This clinic helped me enormously. James explained the Trust Technique so clearly and concisely that I felt truly empowered to develop and deepen my relationship with my horses and dogs. The group learned together in a secure and safe situation; everyone moved forwards and supported each other. Its hard to believe that the way to a better understanding with our companion animals is so easy and available to us all. I would recommend - no, actually, I urge - anyone who has a problem with their pets or who wants to have a better understanding and deeper trust with them, to become a subscriber to the website membership and to attend a Trust Technique Course. Im sure it will change their lives.

by Sharon Stewart on Trust Technique Clinic

Had a truly mind blowing time at Janes on 14th/15th May. So many lovely horses and of course the dogs to work on. A really positive, mind calming experience. I went home a different person. James and Shelley, always encouraging and supportive. My sick dog is already feeling the benenfit of my calmer mind. Loaded horse using the technique too! Thank you James, Shelley and Jane for a great weekend!

by Jane Gilbey on Trust Technique Clinic

A really lovely workshop! I would reccommend the Trust Technique for anyone as it can help us all slow down and find the peace of mind and stillness so we can see the wood from the trees. The Trust Technique can help all of our relationships with people and animals.

by Kate Carter on Trust Technique Clinic

One word... Amazing!! I love the peace that the trust technique brings for animals and humans alike. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone who spends time with animals, be it for work or as members of the family. We spent the weekend working with some beautiful horses, dogs and goats. This morning I spent only 20 minutes with my stressy horse, when I left him... he was fast asleep! What a fantastic feeling! I have a lot to do with my horses but at last I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

by Helen Atkinson on Trust Technique Clinic

I have found this technique to be invaluable in my training and behavioural sessions with clients who have difficulties with their pet dogs.It also helps me to remain calm in dificult circumstances. In my opinion, all who work with animals and their people would benefit from the excellent help and guidance given by James French to establish the best environment in which to address their problems

by Jean on Trust Technique Clinic

This workshop was quite the best I have ever been on. Learning the Trust Technique with James was not only fascinating, it was life changing. We learnt a way of communicating with our dogs which was stunning in its effectiveness and simplicity. I now have much more confidence to know what Sky and Shadow are saying to me. After using TT with my boys over 6 weeks I feel incredibly in-tune with them and this is a source of great happiness for us all. During recent Kennel Club tests we almost didnt need to speak we were so switched on to each other. The technique has helped us all in different ways. In other words this truly magical course has transformed our lives. Thank you so much James

by Karen Budge on Trust Technique Clinic

I have just been on the Trust Technique weekend and want to say how much of an eye opener and wonderful weekend it was. James enthusiasm for what he does shines through and his teaching is very understanding, caring and informative. I find the technique useful for myself as well as for animals. I look forward to joining James on the Act 2 course also, which I am sure will prove to be equally inspirational and to have the same wow factor as the Trust Technique weekend had.

by Sue Leet on Trust Technique Clinic

Wow, when James and Shelly arrived at our centre, I was unsure what to expect. However before the training began James created a bond in a very short space of time with our new aquisition Monty a dalmation dog that had experenced a less than favourable start in life. Throughtout the training James showed with Monty how desire to bring peace and his special trust technique can bring positive change. When it came to our turn the delight on our faces was a sure giveaway to James and Shelly how excited we all were when we too could bring peace and benifit to our animals. The course was great guys thank you, I didnt want it to end. A month on the progression of Monty is producing more peace.

by Carol on Trust Technique Clinic

Wow, what a weekend! It was a brilliant mix of explanation, demonstration and then practical applications with horses, dogs and cats. James expertly guided and supported us throughout and Shelley looked after our every need, from biscuits to tlc! I was quite literally blown away by the effects that being present with the animals had on their states and behaviours. And interestingly I found many parallels within my own life! The Trust Technique is about a way of being - with our animals, with others and with ourselves - a beautiful and humbling experience. Thank you James for everything that you have done to bring this to us all - it is a magical process and one Im honoured to be part of

by Valerie Evans on Trust Technique Clinic

I attended the April 10/11th 2010 trust technique workshop, and thoroughly enjoyed it.James and Shelly run a welll organised fun and relaxed workshop with a good balance between practical and theory sessions. Jamess infectious enthusiam for his subject is supported by his wealth of knowledge and experience, which he then deliveres in a clear, gentle and encouraging manner. As for the centre it was very calm and peaceful to be, thank you Emma.Many thanks James and Shelley.

by Linda Lee on Trust Technique Clinic

I really enjoyed the Trust-Technique weekend of 10/11 April. The venue was perfect and peaseful I met some really nice people. To be shown the trust-techique with the horses was amazing. I think that James is a very good teacher, I would also like to thank Emma for the very friendly welcome and I was impressed how hard she works looking after so many horses and the passion she shows towards them all. Thank you James, Shelley and Emma for the lovely weekend. Linda

by Marie Bullough on Trust Technique Clinic

These two days were wonderful. They really opened my eyes to a new way of working with horses and myself. Great for personal development as well as horsey development. Excellent value for money.

by Sarah Nuttall on Trust Technique Clinic

Yet another fantastic course ran by James and Shelley. Keep up the really great and important work!!!

by Diana Hillsdon on Trust Technique Clinic

Welcoming, accepting and valued.A door way to a new and inspirational way of helping the animals that cross our path. The practical work carried out on the dogs on the course was nothing short of miraculous-and all within the realms of ordinary dog owners. One complaint-time went too quickly !! Diana Hillsdon

by jane ball on Trust Technique Clinic

This is the way forward in understanding how to connect with our animals. It is helpful for pet owners or anyone working with animals on a professional basis.

by Christine Adams on Trust Technique Clinic

James is a gifted teacher who has has a way of making everthing very clear and easy to follow. Although I attended a dog course and I only have horses, I still found it very easy to translate to handling horses. I enjoyed the course so much Im going back for second helpings.

by Josie Powley on Trust Technique Clinic

I loved the Trust Technique weekend, thoroughly enjoying every minute from start to finish. The venue was perfect with a warm and welcoming energy and gorgeous animals. It was really useful starting with a demonstration before moving on to the theory and human work on the first day. James teaching flowed beautifully and the technique was explored in a very healing and sharing manner within the small group. The second day working on a practical level with the horses was just amazing, being able to immediately put into practice the technique we had learnt, with James constant support. Thoroughly recommended!

by Carol Wass on Trust Technique Clinic

James is an excellent teacher and has the gift of explaining everything in a way you can’t help but understand. The practical work on the horses was a wonderful experience as you could clearly see the calming effect that The Trust Technique had on them and James was close by, encouraging us and giving us confidence. I recommend this course to anyone who works with or owns an animal although it can be used with people too. I came away with the knowledge of a fantastic technique, I have some great photos and memories and would like to thank Emma and her animals for making us feel very welcome in their home. Thankyou too James for a great weekend. Carol Wass Grayshott Therapies)

by Julie Northey on Trust Technique Clinic

It was amazing to see how the Trust Technique works. With Jamess guidance we very quickly were able to use the technique to calm busy minds and see how the Trust Technique starts to happen. The practical side of the weekend is a big part and is invaluable, it also means that James can gently guide and supervise your progress. I found the response of all the animals to be an amazing experience and didnt realise I would find a personal tool also. Thanks James and also Emma and all your animals that made us feel so welcome. Julie