Trust Technique I Have A Dream Day

I Have A Dream Day

I Have A Dream...

All animals be treated with mindful regard

More than a dream

This is a one day experience that explores the concepts, principles and practical application of the Trust Technique. Giving you the tools to deepen the connection with your own animals.

1 Day in person course

Deepen your connection

For animals and people

Animal-assisted healing

When it comes to teaching and helping our animals

it is not the content that is so important it is the connection

Have you have ever been in the situation where:

  • You just don’t seem to be getting through to your animal, they seem to be distracted?
  • You are finding yourself getting frustrated and sharp, even though you love them dearly?
  • You are worried about what they will do next and feel that you have no influence?
  • Training your animal feels like one step forward and two steps back?
  • You are concerned that your own emotional state is affecting your animals?

All of these situations are relative to the pace at which you and your animal are going. Finding a true regard for your animal is not just about slowing down or being calm, it needs to be deeper. The Trust Technique weekend gives you the tools to enhance the communication between you and your animals and find the true treasures of the relationship that can be found within.

Learn the 3 principles of the Trust Technique

Creative Reaction

Participants learn how to reduce an animal’s thinking levels, creating an intimate and powerful state of confidence and trust. This stage is integral to the relationship between any animal and human. This sharing does not just help the animal it also helps the human discover their own authentic connection.

James shows demonstrations and this is followed by the group helping animals become peaceful using mindful regard. Unlike the Clinics which are one on one with the animals, this is group work.

Realisation Learning

The Trust Technique has a very powerful way to teach animals confidence with self-learning. This simply profound approach, greatly increases learning retention and changes the “animal training” dynamics. To help animals we also need to be able to help people as well, Realisation Learning is a shared event! James discusses the amazing connection that people and animals share, how this deeper connection can be used in a therapeutic practice and shares this unique way that people can let go of their own past and create a peaceful future.

Trusted Co-operation

When two minds are peaceful an intuitive gateway is opened.

Participants learn how to work at the animals pace. This is one of the key aspects of the Trust Technique and a rare practice in the animal industry. It is the door to discovering and sharing pure animal intelligence and is a unique and dynamic way to help nervous animals. It will also enable you to take your animal training to a new and exciting level. With this skill set the sky is the limit, for animal professionals and pet owners alike.

Karen , Attendee

Shelley and James are genuine, warm, caring individuals. The Trust Technique provides everyone with the ability to truly care for and protect our fellow animal beings and friends. Delivered in a simple, yet, touching and soul searching way, this technique is amazing and I am thankful for such truthful and caring people as Shelley and James are for their dedication in sharing this for the good of all beings. I will be continuing my journey and look forward to it with excitement and positivity. I recommend this, don’t keep thinking about it, attend an I Have a Dream Day, it’s wonderful.


who cares for animals on a personal or professional level

  • Pet owners

    Overcome problems and train your animals with confidence and ease.

  • Animal rescue

    Rehabilitate sensitive animals to give them the best chance to find forever homes.

  • Dog Trainers

    Create a listening environment with clear communication to increase learning speed and retention.

  • Horse Trainers

    Gentle, respectful and meaningful communication leading to rewarding co-operation.

  • Vets and staff

    A safe way to help sensitive animals through treatment and speed up recovery times.

  • Animal Therapists

    Create a peaceful accepting environment increasing the effectiveness of your therapy.

  • Trust Technique Practitioners

    A fantastic introduction for those wishing to have a career in helping animals and people.

Pat , Attendee

Thank you so much for such a wonderful course on Saturday. I was so moved by what I saw. It has certainly always been my hope that one day animal cruelty will end and that increasingly man will live in harmony with animals showing them love, tenderness, respect, compassion and that wonderful friendships will blossom. I always saw it as a dream, too big to be realised, but after the weekend what really touched me is the realisation that wonderful people like James and Shelley are taking this forward as TRUE Lightworkers. They are working so hard, growing and developing, spreading the word, educating and training many people in a different and beautiful way to “BE” with animals. Its difficult to put into words when you experience such a deep connection of caring, authentic pure love and I feel so privileged to have witnessed that on Saturday and to have felt that in my own heart, what an amazing gift it was !!!. My heartfelt thanks to James, Shelley, their son, the wonderful horses and all the lovely people I met on the day, The memory will always remain in my heart.

Come join us for a Dream Day

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Trust Technique 1 Day  £195



Dates and venues

DateVenueFeeAvailabilityMore details
1 Day 30 Sept - 2017Canada TorontoFULLFULL
1 day 4 th - Oct - 2017Canada OttawaFULLFULL
5 Day 08 - 13 th Oct - 2017USA Omega Institute Rhinebeck, NYFULLFULL
1 day 16 - Oct - 2017USA long Island NYFULLFULL
1 Day 04th - Feb - 2018Australia VictoriaFULLFULL
1 Day 22nd - April - 2018England LondonFULLFULL
1 Day 16th June 2018Canada B.CFULLFULL
1 Day 14th July 2018USA ArizonaFULLFULL
5 Day event 30th Sept- 5th OctUSA Omega Institute Rhinebeck, NY$525 + accommodationPlacesEvent Details & Bookings
1 Day 25th November 2018Austria Vienna£195.00Offered to Waitlist firstPlease fill in your details in the waitlist below.

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 35 reviews
by Jeanne Sisson on Trust Technique Dream Day

I am so moved by the work that Shelley and James are doing, and I am so glad I attended the Trust Technique Dream Day at Apache Springs Ranch. It is very apparent to that Shelley and James are doing this as a part of a larger mission to help animals and help people help animals. Generating revenue is a necessary component of that mission, not their central focus. They are warm and genuine, and even if I only absorb a tiny fraction of what they were teaching, I will still have a better relationship with my animals, and I am confident I will be able to help both me and my rescued horse be a little more at peace with the world.

by Katerina Kasova on Trust Technique Dream Day

Absolutely amazing experience! So happy I attended the event! It's a total game-changer in animal/human relationship and interaction.I'm deeply in love with Trust technique and all that James and Shelley do for both animals and humans. Their work is based on universal principles that are both simple and at the same time so profoundly healing, uplifting and life-changing (and I believe life-saving as well). Having a chance to see and participate in the practical part in the afternoon was such an honor and inspiration!James and Shelley are a blessing for us all! They show us true potential of a human/animal relationship, so pure and loving, one that most of us would never imagine possible...And the best part is that it's so simple. We're all longing for peace of mind, feeling of safety and trust, no matter if you're a person, a horse, dog, cat, or any other living being...We're all ONE and sharing peace & present moment is one of the most precious, healing and uplifting experiences we can offer each other.If there is one thing you can do for yourself - watch the videos on Trust Technique or go & take part in one of the I Have A Dream Days. Give yourself a chance to learn more about trust, peace of mind and true unconditional love, as it will be a great benefit for you no matter if you have a pet or not :-).Big love to James and Shelley. And lots of success and joy in what you do!PS: I'm already taking the video course and thoroughly enjoying it! 🙂

by Romaine Dennistoun on Trust Technique Dream Day

UnfortunateIy am only now able to report back on my Trust Technique Workshop at the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre. One word: Fantastic! Totally in tune with what I have come to understand about horses and dogs.I am so happy to have attended the Workshop and look forward to following the online course. A big thank you for your Wisdom and Insight James & Shelley

by Kim Parker on Trust Technique Dream Day

I recently attended the I Have a Dream Day , featuring the Trust Technique put on by James and Shelley which was hosted at the Magic Horse Garden in Pitt Meadows, BC. I was first introduced to their website a year ago, during a large transition period in my life. I had recently lost my job of 11 years due to budget cuts. I had decided to spend the summer healing, resting, playing and staying out of my own way to see what would show up for me. James was one of the beautiful gifts that showed up. Watching the free videos I was filled with amazement and wonder and I was blown away with what I was learning. But most importantly watching these videos, I was healing. So when I saw James and Shelley were coming to BC, there was no hesitation in registering for this workshop. I am so grateful for having met them and the day was filled with such compassion, sincerity, gentleness, humor, true listening, cooperation and trust. The level of gentleness felt from James was SO profound, it touched my heart deeply. They gave us tools and techniques to help us have mindful regard and trusted cooperation with our cherished pets, which ultimately will bring a peacefulness into our relationship like no other. I am so very grateful to both of them for their teachings and for coming to BC, close enough for me to attend. They will be back next year, and I will be there! Wish they lived closer as they are dear people I would love to be good friends with. Most sincere love and gratitude!

I had the opportunity to attend the in person teaching of I have a Dream Day with James and Shelley. Our group was so fortunate to have been hosted at the Magic Horse Garden in Pitt Meadows BC, with our gracious hostess Carolyn.In May of 2017 I signed up for the Lifetime Video Course and later for the ACT 1 CD set. These videos and CD’s are a tremendous learning tool. I can watch them time and again and pick up more information each time. They have helped me connect more and more with my dogs and have become a benefit to myself in my everyday life.If you do get a chance to attend I have a Dream Day workshop please take that opportunity you will not be disappointed. Both James and Shelley work so hard not only for the animals but also for the attendees of the workshops. During the workshop breaks James was only too happy to answer any questions someone may have had in regard to their own personal pets. It was a long day filled with learning and practice of the Trust Technique; I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this whole experience and would attend again and again.James and Shelly also offer a Practitioner Course, which was mentioned at the end of the day for anyone that would be interested going further into the Trust Technique (i.e., having your own business helping animals after you have graduated from the course). Not once was there any pressure to go that route, as they understand not everyone is meant to be a Practitioner.I closing I would like to say Thank you to James, Shelley and our hostess Carolyn.Sincerely

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