I have a dream. Listening is a felt sense, with the heart not the intellect. We are not thoughtless – thoughts will always come but when we slow our minds down we are not engaged in thoughts, which = thinking, which in turn produces feelings/emotions. We are still & peaceful & neutral. When we are in regard we are listening to the other being. The combination of not thinking and of listening allows for a beautiful communication and trust. Connection is when the animals opinion comes before our own agenda. With regard you are saying, "Right now you can be peaceful. It's safe right now to be peaceful. Working at the animals pace rather than our own pace -which you can call compassion." We are so conditioned to use fear as a motivator. Animals are intelligent. They feel you. Animals have all the same felings as we do. Language is secondary for humans. Words have slowed us down. We feel one way and say something different – & that's not authentic. A state of listening is feeling with a calm mind. When you are over thinking you aren't listening and can't hear- you are being self-ish.. A listening state is when you calm your mind down you can put your attention onto another being – that is being self-less. Sensitivity doesn't change but it can be transformed. When an animal (or human) is sensitive, then they really know how to listen. They're listening to know how to get out of trouble. Mindful regard – how you build a relationship of peace, and trust rather than fear. Then we can really experience animal (or human) intelligence and work with it. A whole new world is possible. We feel with our whole being.

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