Message Of Trust 1, 2 & 3 On November 27, 2021 we buried 20 year old Pepper, our beloved cat, and the decision was made to wait until after Christmas and we were in Melbourne , to pick up a bonded pair of Cats/Kittens, from a shelter. The Mum was a timid young Street cat with her second litter who came into Care in November. She was really flighty. 2 kittens were adopted out, and one was left to stay with her. We met her on December 28th , and picked her up on 29th. The kitten was friendly, but Mum obviously stressed and looked as if she would bolt if let loose. The journey home took 3 1/2 hours ( due to roadworks) . We set them up in the bathroom of the guest room. During the night they opened the sliding door, and explored the room. and decided to sleep under the wardrobe. Although Kitten came out for breakfast, mum did not. About 3pm the info about the Trust Technique popped up on my computer. I bought it at 4.15pm, and I watched Message 1 and 2, went into the room and produced Kitten food. kitten came out and ate without fear, and i started sending messages " i know you are frightened' Whoosh, back came the feelings immediately of fear, and stress. After about 5 minutes thes softened, and i changed the message to 'You are such a good Mumma Cat, finding this safe place, , after a minute or two, the anxiety I was feeling lessened, and I then sent, the message, " i have food for you." She was out in a flash, even before I got the food out ( I was keeping it away from kitten.). her head pushed into my hand, she let me pick up the spoon and empty the tin. later she stayed in the room, close but watching, and I was close to tears, at the way this worked. I know we have a way to go but, Thanks for this .

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