Mindful Regard Why do I get fidgety & avoidant with presence? Because in that quiet & stillness my traumas become louder and more active. The process of minful regard is holding space for these traumas, itching, restlessness, over thinking etc until I gradually get calmer because my mindful regard is building trust in myself and soothing my nervous system. Eventually I will be more comfortable with the uncomfortable. It will become more familiar, less scary andI will be able to relax and feel safe. When I can do that for mysle fI will be able to do it for others. Accepting others with mindful regard and not expecting them to accept or trust me. BUt if I am consistent and trustworthy it cannot help but have an impact on the ability for another to feel peaceful in my presence. The aim though is for me to establish my attention on the peaceful presence that is there always

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