with each step forward thru touch or lifting up kittens release them as soon as I feel that they are feeling uncomfortable….. that slow step by step process is how transform into the required behaviour such as allowing humans to touch them and care for them and to be able to move around them in their environment without me causing any new or latent fear….when my emotions rise up like the sadness for the mum cat to have her baby taken off her…. i become present until I notice my emotion, I then acknowledge the thought and emotion and become present again, I'll also notice that when I slip out of being present into my own thoughts that the animal will open it's eyes or move as they also have come out of the present peaceful no thinking space…..WHEN I TEACH WITH A PRESENT MIND AND THEY LEARN WITH A QUIET MIND THEN THE LEARNING IS REALLY SOLID, IT'S THERE, A LOT OF PEOPLE MAY HAVE EXPERIENCED THAT WHEN THEY TRAIN ANIMALS THEY HAVE TO KEEP REPEATING THE SAME LEARNING AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND THAT'S BECAUSE THEIR MIND WAS TOO BUSY TO TAKE IN THE INFORMATION SO WHEN I TEACH AND THE MIND OF THE ANIMAL IS QUIET, THE MIND OF THE ANIMAL IS ABLE TO RETAIN THE TEACHING…..the animal instantly calms down when i am calm…. humans impose our emotion on top of the animal…high emotion in our voice is scary for a scared animal…. but mostly they are all looking for love and affection…. we need to keep animal on around a 3 on the scale…dropping up and down between 3 and 1 or zero is our working into a trust relationship…. just because an animal is friendly it doesn't mean that it's not in pain physically, emotionally or phsychically……by getting close to the mother it was a way of saying to the mother that she can also be peaceful with the situaation of her baby kitten being taken from her…james stayed present to the mother as she sat at the window watching her baby leaving the centre and this kept the mother peaceful instead of in

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