Message Of Trust Bonus

Bonus Footage Ares The Lion We thought that we would share this touching story of a very abused lion and how we helped him build…

Restarting or completing this course

Restarting the course Some members have found it very useful to rewatch the course. The feedback is that they learnt so much more by watching…


Reviews We would love to hear your words and see your footage on how the Trust Technique has helped you and your animal. We have…

Extra Help

Gaining Extra Help Below are different way in which you can gain extra help you both you and your animals

Hope Pastures

Helping Rescued Horses Hope Pastures A lovely rescue centre in Leeds that rehomes donkeys, ponies and horses

Fishers Farm

Helping Rescued Horses Fishers Farm Helping two Shire horses build trust at the later part of their lives

Extra Help

Extra help How to receive extra help and how to be of help

Introduction Copy

Welcome 🙂 Below you will find the topic which describes how this course works. Simply click on the lesson content and watch the video. After…