Audrey Jacquin-Ryan


Works in person and online with Large Animals
Based in Delvin, County Westmeath, Ireland

Bio: I have always had a passion for animals. This led me to explore human-animal connections and in 2010, I discovered the Trust Technique, which truly changed my life.

I love helping people and animals connect at a deeper level. Simply inviting an animal to join us in a peaceful state and giving them the opportunity to express what is troubling them in a non-judgemental and non-reactive way can bring a powerful shift to the animal-human relationship. The animal and their human feel listened to and understood. They can understand each other better and work as a team, as equal partners, with love, trust, and confidence.

As a Trust Technique Practitioner, my role is to teach you about the Trust Technique, coach, support, and hold the space for you and your animal to develop an authentic connection and a deep trusting relationship with each other. Together we work at your animal’s pace, with peace, regard, patience, persistence, and purpose. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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Delvin, County Westmeath, Ireland