Em Wing


Works in person and online with Domestic Animals
Based in Talent, Oregon

Bio: I have lived and worked with animals all my life and always felt there was a better, kinder, more respectful way to relate to them – which I found in the Trust Technique. I come from a background in science, medicine, and healing, and currently spend time working on the local urban forest and my own permaculture food forest and gardens. I live with my dogs, Roland and Molly, my cat, Musashi, and two retired hens. I would be honoured to help you and your animals.

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Talent, Oregon


  1. Jan. 19, 2024
    My wife, Donna, and I are complete animal lovers. We have had mostly rescued dogs, cats, and horses for 36 years.
    Unfortunately, we had 2 of our senior rescue dogs cross the rainbow bridge last year.
    It was very difficult for us. We are both semi-retired, live in rural Wyoming, and just the 2 of us. We live a quiet life out in the country.
    For the first time, we rescued 2 female puppy mill Maltese dogs from a rescue clinic.
    Bella, 6 years old and Bailey 7 years old. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on their backgrounds.
    We know they have had a traumatic experience being in a crate with no human interaction all these years; primarily used to produce litters.
    We understood the challenges and that it would take lots of patience, trust, and time.
    We have had them for 6 weeks as of January 17th. They have no concept of being on a leash, potty training, and especially to be picked up and held. It has been a struggle! Even when you approach them, they are always back away.
    Our training has been as follows:
    We started watching Trust Technique courses 2 weeks ago.
    We are So far, we have tried ½ hour of quiet time 2-4 times a week by holding their leash with no hand contact and waiting for their anxiety levels to calm down and eventually lay down close to us. We have been trying to build their confidence and trust. We have been doing this for the last 4 weeks.
    Secondly, we hold their leashes and slowly pick them up at least twice a week. Bella is not too bad; but Bailey is constantly struggling and even tries to nip at you.
    We wrap our arms around them with as little pressure as possible and hold them till they eventually calm down but fear that we are going about this the wrong way.

    BOTTOM Line:
    Bella has shown improvement on a scale from level 10 to level 6.
    Bailey has shown more struggle and has become harder to pick up. She has not shown any improvement and has started barking a great deal; especially with our cats.
    GOOD News:
    1) They are both FOOD MOTIVATED, which has helped!

    2) They have become more relaxed in our home environment and, as strange as it seems,
    even will lay down close to us or sleep as we watch tv or read.

    Now, we are at point we need your assistance in suggestions on what and how we can improve their trust, confidence and comfort within themselves and with us.
    Thank You
    Bob & Donna Karolak