Jannis Eller


Works in person & Online with Domestic and Large Animals
Based in Niedersachsen

Bio:Ich möchte dir helfen, tiefe Verbundenheit, Vertrauen und verlĂ€ssliches Miteinander mit deinem Tier zu leben. Ich bin Diplom PĂ€dagogin und Traumaberaterin. Seit 2009 leite ich den LĂŒttn Peerhoff e.V. – Verein fĂŒr natur- und pferdegestĂŒtztes Erfahrungslernen.


I would like to help you to live deep connection, trust and reliable togetherness with your animal. I am a certified educator and trauma counsellor. Since 2009 I have been managing the LĂŒttn Peerhoff e.V. – association for nature and horse-supported learning by experience.


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Niedersachsen, Germany