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Messages of Trust offers specific, operational content through a beautifully organized and intentional format. It shows the framework of the Trust Technique and gives a clear picture of how the parts of the TT work together to build relationship and, from this place, peacefully address behavioral and emotional issues that animals (and humans) often face as they try to navigate a fulfilling life together.

Messages of Trust, unlike other free content I've tried, is not a marketing "teaser" that attempts to hook a person in with vague promises and ungrounded inspiration. Messages of Trust offers a clear orientation to this peaceful way of relating. All the elements of the Trust Technique are clearly laid out and explained, and there are practices that can be done right away. The intentionality and organization of this free course is stunning.

Another important benefit for me, of going through Messages of Trust, was that in James' presence I found a teacher who spoke, with gentle, unremitting confidence, to the power of the peaceful way. I really needed this support and encouragement, as this is what my own intuition tells me is the way, but listening to this inner voice becomes difficult when there are so many unpeaceful messages--internally and out in the world--competing with this inner voice.

Personally, I found Messages of Trust to be an invaluable pivot in the way I was conceptualizing my relationship with Dori, along with "her" issues. It was an excellent way to determine if the Trust Technique resonated with how I wanted to move forward with her, so that we could deepen our relationship and move through the fears that prevent us from enjoying life and each other.

As a person who has greatly benefited from mindfulness practice and who has been teaching mindfulness and embodied practices for over 15 years, I immediately recognized the depth of the Trust Technique rationale and delivery and was so impressed with the content of the free course that I eventually upgraded to the Trust Technique Video Course. After working through that course over the past few months and seeing the absolutely amazing results with myself and Dori I can, in hindsight, say that clicking on the link that took me to Messages of Trust feels like an incredibly fortuitous moment. Since I don't often click on links like this, I'm so glad I did it, and I really hope that if you are reading this testimonial you will try it, too. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain, for your own dear heart, for your dear animal, and for the love between you.


A thoughtful and experienced horse owner and rider recommended The Trust Technique to me, and I couldn't be happier to be 'onboard'. I am so grateful for the depth and breadth of understanding I am gaining, with respect to both my interactions with my animals and my own life journey. As a long-term mindfulness meditation practitioner, I regard The Trust Technique as a natural refinement of our potential to reconnect with all sentient beings, not in our image but in the image of the Natural World in all its wonder and diversity. Thank you so much.


I would like to say a very heartfelt thank you to James and Shelley for all that they are doing for the beautiful animals of our world.
I have been deeply moved and touched by the videos I’ve seen so far and feel truly blessed and grateful to be able to learn the technique to help my own animals. I am looking forward to starting the video course and delving into the technique more deeply.
Thank you so much for sharing this very special technique of healing with the world , I truly hope that it will inspire others to help their animals heal and also help more animals to live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.
With love and gratitude




I am very fascinated and deeply impressed by the Messages of Trust. It is a very new experience for me giving me a lot of hope to improve the relationship with my dog in a deeply peaceful way and building up a very trustful cooperation. My dog is coming from a shelter and has learned a lot in the past three years, but she can still be very anxious in several situations which I could not change until now.
I love the presentation of James - although I am not a native English speaker I do understand everything very easily. And I love his warm tone!
So I go on with the video course looking very much forward to learn a lot both for me and my dog. Thank you for this wonderful inspiration!