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Part 1 was interesting, although you have a somewhat idiosyncratic definition of thinking which would run into real problems if used outside this course - it's true, you're not alone in this use of the word, and I've come across the same perspective from others promoting peace-of-mind and meditation. This struck me especially as I'd just been listening to someone say how, while his sister entered a flow state by rock-climbing, for him it was planning and writing essays that brought this on.
Part 2 was probably OK for beginners, but a bit rudimentary for me, and I feel that concentrating on obstacles is not necessarily a helpful way to approach this. Likewise, seeing peace as a lifting force is very much not how I would approach it.
Part 3 was a sales message and not really a part of the course at all. That said, I'm grateful for the free bit.
I guess overall, my feeling was, "Yes, this is how I try to respond to animals (and some people, when the circumsatnces allow) and it was definitely helpful to have someone else's thoughts on this, where I had never really thought about it at all before. I don't agree with everything said, but I'll probably look back on the first three videos at some point, to consolidate what I learned."


Thank you for this free course - Messages of Trust. I don't work directly with animals, but do work either the primal/instinctive parts of people for healing and evolution of their biology. This was really helpful for expanding my tools and insights on the deep embodied wisdom in all sentient beings.


Great delivery of information
i am now signed up and a course member
thank you


I have taken all 3 levels of AC courses 8 years ago, however seldom practiced it cause it was a little airy fairy to me.

Given the Message of Trust a try and love the practicality of it, direct and the effect is there instantly. Moreover it has opened the door for me to look into moving my next chapter of life into working with animals which has been in the back of my head for a LONG time. I'm inspired! Thank you for being around and sharing the love and knowledge!


Ich bin sehr begeistert von dem Kurs und habe ihn inzwischen schon häufig weiterempfohlen. Viele, vielen Dank für die Fülle an Infos und Videos, die mich motiviert haben mehr zu lernen.

I am very enthusiastic about the course and have already recommended it to others many times. Thank you very much for the wealth of information and videos that motivated me to learn more.