Messages Of Trust Review

What is your overall opinion of the Messages Of Trust?


Eye opening and educational. Very beneficial for my own peace of mind and my animals.

Thank you so much


Very inspirational. Opens the mind to so many possibilities


I have thoroughly enjoyed everything.


This was really wonderful -- I'm in the video course, but became stuck then distracted -- I'm encouraged to restart the course from the beginning and really apply the TT to my horses, especially my newer horse who is very sensitive and insecure, my mare who cannot relax enough to sleep, and my other mare who has trust issues from her history of neglect and poor training. Thank you!


Doll and I have shared our lives for over 20 years, during that time she changed from being my pony to being my friend. I have always asked her to do things with me, but other people have had strong opinions that i should not 'let her get away with things' . I knew that she needed to make up her own mind and that when she had she would do her best.
The videos have shown me even more posibilities, Thank you.