no welcome after resend

Fingers and paws crossed 🙂

Please allow the count down to reach “0” before checking your email

As our system requires a little time to resend 


Yes I have received the welcome email

No, I still have not received the welcome email 

Email us by clicking include in the email that you have not received your welcome and a number that we can text you. We will take a deeper look into what has caused this for you and contact you soon. Sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Again we apologise for the lack of the welcome email. This is particularly tricky if you are using an old .hotmail or .yahoo account. These email providers are notorious for bad deliverability.

If you do have another email such as Gmail please do include this in our email and we can easily change your account email.

After sending the email 

Let’s get you in and watching the course while we sort your email situation out.

You can log in at any time using your email and also the password that you created on checkout.

Below is a special button that should take you straight to your courses, simply click on the Messages Of Trust and you will be in the course.