Practitioner Ads

Video Footage For Use In Ads

Guide Lines 

  1. How you became a practitioner 
  2. Before and After 

How you became a practitioner 


I first came across the Trust Technique because…

Can describe the problem you may have had 


What was your journey ie MOT Video Course

What you understood 

How did your animal respond 


Progression to practitioner and helping others

Invitation to start MOT


Before and After


Who is the animal and what was the problem

intro yourself as a practitioner


education ie why reducing thinking levels can help so much


Invite people on the journey 

MOT Video Course

Click The MOT Link

Video Footage

How you became a practitioner 

How to video

Have a video showing you working with the Trust technique

The first few seconds need to be impactful 

record a video of you talking which we can reduce and place over the footage of you working

Before and After 

Show the story of the animal 

  • problem before 
  • working with 
  • and then the result of your connection 

Again a separate video of you talking 

How Long the video can be 

The long version is not to be more than 2 mins 

The short version is no more than 1min

What format

16:9 Landscape for the long 

1:1 Square for Instagram vids under 1 min
9:16 For youtube shorts for vids under 1 min
Don’t worry about the size of you talking as we will embed this

Label your videos

Your name… How I became a practitioner main

Your name… How I became a  practitioner talk

Your name…Before and after main

Your name… Before and after talk

Practitioner ads

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