Messages Of Trust video series


The perfect introduction to the Trust Technique®
A detailed description of the core principles and understanding.
With stunning examples and practical advice.
Helps all animals including people!

Subtitles in Deutsch, Espanol, English and Francais

The missing "peace" in the relationship with your animal

We have all been conditioned over centuries to believe such things as the boss theory, pressure methods, animals don’t have feelings and that somehow your animal is competing against you. This stems from the judgement of “bad” behaviour which needs correction and reprimand. The problem here is that behaviour is only the outward expression of something else, which is happening on a deeper level and that is how your animal is FEELING.

Either consciously or subconsciously you will be sharing these feelings. It will more than likely be expressed by you as one or as a combination of these emotions. Frustration, anger, worry, guilt, embarrassment, helplessness, despair, anxiety and the list goes on.
This creates a gap between how you truly feel about your animal, the love you have for them and the way you are reacting to them. It is this separation that causes the most pain in the relationship! 

The key to making fast and long-lasting positive change is to help them let go of fear and build trust and confidence in you and his or her surroundings.

Discover a new connection, that will benefit you as much as your animal

The Trust Technique® is a mindful approach to help your animal and yourself. A simple way to develop a peaceful connection with trust and confidence. By changing the negative feelings you are sharing.
Experience a quantum shift in shared trust, overcome problems in a kind considerate way and develop new inspired levels of co-operation.
The Trust Technique can help all sentient beings with a gently profound non-dominant approach.

Inspiring and touching messages that talk straight to the heart. Time for change cannot be postponed, starting from ourselves for the benefit of animals and the whole planet. Thank you, James and Shelley, for all what you are doing and how you are doing it.

The messages of trust video series

Introduction to the Trust Technique

It is the perfect way to see the benefits that this method offers and includes practical advice that can be implemented in your relationship straight away.

This introduction also includes exercises to start you on the Trust Technique journey. Helping you know if you would like to learn all the exercises found in the next course “The Foundation”

Message 1

Creating a relationship beyond emotions that has a shared healing effect

  • Why a mindful approach changes everything
  • The importance of thinking feeling levels
  • How to create a peaceful connection
  • Helping your animal with physical and emotional healing
  • Exploring the technique Creative Reaction
  • Run time 21.51 mins

Message 2

A unique and simple way to resolve behaviour problems with regard and kindness.

  • How animals and people react
  • The true nature of problems
  • How a change of perception is a change of behaviour 
  • How animals can realise their own learning without training
  • Exploring the bigger picture of animal care
  • Run time 29.36 mins

Message 3

Exploring new levels of communication and trusted co-operation. 

  • Understand the spirit of co-operation
  • Easily teach your animal with full willingness
  • How to create a two way animal communication
  • A deep look at interacting with your animals intelligence
  • The future of how we can be working with animals
  • Run time 39.35 mins

Start learning the techniques

Learn how to simply enter the present moment

  • What is the present moment
  • How to enter the present moment
  • How to make your present moment stronger 
  • Run time 27.32 mins
  • Plus much more  :)
'Messages of Trust' - a simple, clear insight into The Trust Technique, a serious game changer spreading across the world, enhancing the lives of both man and his animal friends by building incredible relationships of trust and confidence between the two. Thank you James and Shelley for sharing this beautiful gift! x

Messages Of Trust Video Series

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  • Inspired connection with your animals
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  • Message 1 - Building connection
  • Messages 2 - Overcoming problems
  • Messages 3 - Inspired possibilities
  • Start learning the techniques
  • Perfect introduction for the foundation course
  • Subtitles in Deutsch, Espanol, English and Francais
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The Messages Of Trust

What is the Trust Technique?

A detailed description of the core principles and understanding. With stunning examples and practical advice.

Questions & Answers

They are the pure essence of the Trust Technique. Describing in great detail what this method is and how this approach can benefit both you and your animals. It is the introduction course and helps you to know if this way of helping is right for you.

We believe that it works with all sentient beings. Not that we have worked with all the different animals on the planet :) We have worked with horses, dogs, cats, lions, bears and numerous types of farm animals.

The Trust Technique was developed to help the sensitive animals that the other approaches have not been able to help. Because the animals’ opinion is fully regarded it means that the animal is not placed in a position to be pressured. This then helps them trust and build confidence in you.

The Messages Of Trust
This is the introduction course.
The Trust Technique Video Course 
This is the online foundation course. This teaches you all of the techniques themselves and contains over 50 hours of video tutorials and case studies with horses, dogs, cats, lions and bears
The Trust Technique Practitioner online qualification
This is a 2 year (part-time) Ofqual level 3 diploma, for those wishing to have a career in helping people and animals.
Animal Communication Audio Set
Teaching the very natural skill of animal communication
We also have a number of in-person workshops we teach in Europe, America and Australia

It can really help!
The Trust Technique takes your relationship to the next level. Building a deeper connection and showing clearly how to share the true spirit of co-operation

Yes because this is the relationship underneath the actions we do. Will it change what you do? This we can not answer. Will it change HOW you do? Most definitely.

Please contact us and we will be delighted to help you

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All Reviews

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Åshild Steinsholt

Such a wonderful course. This course brings you so much wisdom about not only animals but about communication in general and so much more. This is life-changing.

Lisa Carey

This course has been an amazing journey & completely new , yet surprisingly simple way to connect with animals. No control, no coercing, & goodness, no negative reinforcement techniques necessary!

It is a huge relief to see this beautiful way of cooperating & communicating! As James French said, after I commented on one of the videos: “Connection is stronger than control. ” There is no better way to describe this technique. I am so excited to learn more. Thank you, James & Shelly for sharing your knowledge with us, & all the rescue organizations you work with! Blissings to you!

Françoise Pegorier

Je suis désolée mais mon anglais est vraiment assez limité pour que je m’exprime en anglais.
Les 3 messages vus sont juste magnifiques ! et j’aurais tant aimé suivre les cours suivants mais hélas ce n’est pas possible. Lire les sous-titres est plutôt difficile, je n’ai pas toujours eu le temps de lire la ligne que déjà une autre s’affichait. J’ai dû revenir plusieurs fois en arrière pour arriver à lire… il y a quelques incompréhensions dans la lecture et comme cela défile vite, je n’ai pas toujours eu le temps de tout bien comprendre. Mais rassurez-vous, j’y ai bien saisi l’essentiel car ici, en France, j’ai déjà fait des stages de communication animale et c’était très bien. Mais je trouve votre méthode quelque peu différente et je la trouve plus complète. J’aurai tant aimé pouvoir la suivre. Tous les textes sur le menu, je ne les comprends pas vraiment bien non plus … Alors suivre des cours est, au niveau cérébral, assez difficile, je viens juste de m’en apercevoir, c’est très fatiguant. Bref, il faudrait que tout votre site soit traduit en français !… ou du moins les cours … Alors c’est avec tellement, tellement de regret que je renonce.
En tout cas, je vous remercie infiniment, car je trouve votre démarche admirable et toute la patience et l’amour que vous affichez envers les animaux est juste admirable.
Je vous remercie infiniment.

I’m sorry but my English is really limited enough for me to express myself in English.
The 3 messages seen are just beautiful! and I would have liked so much to follow the following courses but alas it is not possible. Reading the subtitles is rather difficult, I did not always have time to read the line that already another was displayed. I had to go back several times to manage to read… there are some misunderstandings in the reading and as it scrolls quickly, I haven’t always had time to fully understand everything. But don’t worry, I understood the essentials well because here, in France, I have already done animal communication courses and it was very good. But I find your method somewhat different and I find it more comprehensive. I would have liked so much to be able to follow her. All the texts on the menu, I don’t really understand them either… So taking courses is, on a cerebral level, quite difficult, I’ve only just noticed it, it’s very tiring. In short, your entire site should be translated into French!… or at least the courses… So it is with so much, so much regret that I give up.
In any case, I thank you very much, because I find your approach admirable and all the patience and love you show towards animals is just admirable.
Thank you very much.

Maybritt Kehling

Very interesting course

Valeria Inés Lagos Terrizzano

It’s all very, very interesting, attractive, potentially life-changing. It does seem to involve deep commitment to practice – it’s not magic! But I believe I am at a point where I can make that commitment and make it all work. I need to know more. The results look like magic but I’m sure there is a lot of internal, previous work that makes all this what it is.

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