Only A Peaceful Mind...

Discovers true animal intelligence

A weekend that will inspire you

2 Day in-person clinic

Deepen your connection

For animals and people

Animal-assisted healing

"When it comes to teaching and helping our animals it is not the content that is so important, it is the connection."

Have you have ever been in the situation where:

  • You just don’t seem to be getting through to your animal, they seem to be distracted?
  • You are finding yourself getting frustrated and sharp, even though you love them dearly?
  • You are worried about what they will do next and feel that you have no influence?
  • Training your animal feels like one step forward and two steps back?
  • You are concerned that your own emotional state is affecting your animals?

All of these situations are relative to the pace at which you and your animal are going. Finding a true regard for your animal is not just about slowing down or being calm, it needs to be deeper. The Trust Technique day gives you the tools to enhance the communication between you and your animals and find the true treasures of the relationship that can be found within.

Daily practice of the Trust Technique creates a shared peace of mind and reduces anxious over-thinking—one of the main causes for so-called “behavioural problems” in pets and humans. This dynamic approach does not objectify animals, but rather recognises all animals as sentient equals and transcends an unhealthy approach of dominance or control. Humans and other animals work in trusted cooperation, which leads to more truthful communication and manifests in shared well-being.

Learn the 3 principles of the Trust Technique

You will learn how to overcome thinking and create a still mindset that you then share with your own animals.

The Trust Technique is not just about being present around animals. It is way more sophisticated.

You will learn the techniques that deliver this feeling specifically at your animals’ pace using focused presence. It is a beautiful dance where you help reduce your animals thinking while you holding a deep listening state.

The result is a combined process of healing that helps both physical and emotional pain. Followed by a deep sense of trust and connection

On the day we will be exploring the principle in detail. You will be learning the techniques which make this sharing possible. Followed by live examples and group participation.

A simple and profound way to resolve behavioural issues by changing perception.

You will be learning how to create a very dynamic way to help both you and your animals learn quickly with a very high level of retention.

By seeing and valuing your animals’ opinion and having the techniques to help them let go of overthinking states. This principle makes it easy to help your animal build trust and confidence when in environments which would normally make then fearful. You will also discover how to help them builds their overall confidence in environments and you.

On the day we share this understanding and technique in a practical way so that you will have these skills to help your own animals.

When two minds are peaceful an intuitive gateway is shared.

This is the door to discovering and sharing pure animal intelligence and is a unique and dynamic way to help develop trusted cooperation. It will also enable you to take your animal training to a new and exciting level. With this skill set, the sky is the limit on what you can achieve together.

On the day, we will share the techniques which are the future of the animal-human connection.

You will learn how to work with each other in gratitude where both you and your animals enjoy learning and working together. We will also be exploring a very down to earth way of stimulating intuitive communication.

This Course Is For Anyone who cares for animals on a personal or professional level

Pet Owners

Animal Rescue

Dog Trainers

Horse Trainers

Animal Therapists

Vets & Staff

For Practitioners

Join us on a Trust Technique clinic

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Trust Technique 2 Day Clinic £350


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jane ball

This is the way forward in understanding how to connect with our animals. It is helpful for pet owners or anyone working with animals on a professional basis.

Christine Adams

James is a gifted teacher who has has a way of making everthing very clear and easy to follow. Although I attended a dog course and I only have horses, I still found it very easy to translate to handling horses. I enjoyed the course so much Im going back for second helpings.

Josie Powley

I loved the Trust Technique weekend, thoroughly enjoying every minute from start to finish. The venue was perfect with a warm and welcoming energy and gorgeous animals. It was really useful starting with a demonstration before moving on to the theory and human work on the first day. James teaching flowed beautifully and the technique was explored in a very healing and sharing manner within the small group. The second day working on a practical level with the horses was just amazing, being able to immediately put into practice the technique we had learnt, with James constant support. Thoroughly recommended!

Carol Wass

James is an excellent teacher and has the gift of explaining everything in a way you can’t help but understand. The practical work on the horses was a wonderful experience as you could clearly see the calming effect that The Trust Technique had on them and James was close by, encouraging us and giving us confidence. I recommend this course to anyone who works with or owns an animal although it can be used with people too. I came away with the knowledge of a fantastic technique, I have some great photos and memories and would like to thank Emma and her animals for making us feel very welcome in their home. Thankyou too James for a great weekend. Carol Wass Grayshott Therapies)

Julie Northey

It was amazing to see how the Trust Technique works. With Jamess guidance we very quickly were able to use the technique to calm busy minds and see how the Trust Technique starts to happen. The practical side of the weekend is a big part and is invaluable, it also means that James can gently guide and supervise your progress. I found the response of all the animals to be an amazing experience and didnt realise I would find a personal tool also. Thanks James and also Emma and all your animals that made us feel so welcome. Julie

Other Courses

Trust Technique Video Course

This is our foundation course that teaches you how to work with your own animals, building trust and exploring the deeper levels of the technique. With over 250 videos, including detailed tutorials and examples with horses, dogs, cats, lions and bears. This course is the pre-requisite for clinic attendees and Trust Technique Practitioners.

Trust Technique Practitioner

For those wishing to have a career in helping people and their animals within a practice of mindfulness. Our Ofqual regulated qualification is delivered via an online learning platform, allowing for worldwide access to learners based nationally and internationally. Become part of The Trust Technique® community and help make a difference.

Omega Week

This five-day event held at Omega NY. Learn the 3 main principles of the Trust Technique. How we can work in a fresh new way with mindfulness between animal and people. Experience the Trust Technique animal assisted healing. How the advanced techniques have the potential to change the future of how we co-operate with animals and ourselves.

Trust Technique I Have A Dream Day

This one day in person dream day shares the details of the 3 main principles of the Trust Technique. How we can work in a fresh new way with mindfulness between animal and people. How healing can take place with the Trust Technique animal assisted healing. How the advanced techniques have the potential to change the future of how we co-operate with animals.