Project Rescue Application

Project Rescue

The Trust Technique is fully committed to helping Rescue centres worldwide. In the past, we would travel to centres to help with the hard to change animals and train the staff. Since the pandemic, this approach proved to be very hard! So we had to re-think how we can help centres.

Born “Project Rescue”
We are delighted to share a fresh new approach that can potentially help thousands of animals and staff at rescue centres. By giving them the means to learn The Trust Technique and receive support from qualified practitioners, while producing a means to help fundraise for their centres.

Know of a rescue centre that could benefit from this? Please send them to this page where they can apply below

Video Tutorials

We will donate up to £1500 of courses. So that your staff can easily learn how to work with The Trust Technique


We give both the Introduction course The Messages Of Trust (value £6.50)
plus our foundation course The Trust Technique Video Course (value £297)
to 5 members of staff
Total value £1,517.50


Your centre will have dedicated practitioner support. To help answer questions and give valuable direction


Your centre will have its own Qualified Practioner. To support your staff either in person or over zoom.


We will help raise direct funds to help care for your centres animals

Raising funds

We will give you a special link to the Introduction course The Messages Of Trust value £6.50 which you can share on social media. Any purchases from your followers and we will give your centre £5 per sale 🙂

Project Rescue Application

Please note that this application is for animal charities and organisations only.

We are super delighted to be in the position to help you and your team 🙂

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