I am so grateful to have come across this amazing work. I have a rescue dog and was wanting to work through behaviour that has been potentially dangerous. I don't like the idea of using force with animals and this method is based on establishing peaceful communication between the human and the animal as opposed to force or fear based training etc and the results are phenomenal. I have also personally benefited from the peace of mind used at the core of the approach and realised how so much of the time I am unwittingly engaged in high levels of thinking instead of just being. It is incredible to see how my thinking levels influence an animals and how effective reducing thinking levels to a state of a peaceful mindset is in establishing trust with your animal. The course was advertised on instagram, which I rarely use, but Im so glad to have discovered James French there. Watching the videos is a bit like watching a magician work, as the trust he gains from the animals and his ability to so purely communicate with them is extraordinary. Each video shows examples of James working with all different kinds of animals and it is joyful and profoundly moving to watch his powerful yet simple communication and presence have such healing and beneficial results.