I am impressed by the attitude towards animals and the honesty in James’s work. The results of TT without using force, dominance or pressure are beautiful, convincing and very inspiring. Also I appreciate very much your answering my questions. Applying TT , at my own level, makes me feel much better than using all those ways of controlling I learned . I guess TT is not for everybody, you really need patience. I did watch all videos, I often felt touched , and I am glad I still have access, because I want to see many videos again. I am sure I did miss and forget a lot. It is not easy to go in that quiet state myself, especially in our ‘regular’ stable environment, but it is rewarding to grow in that field, and to feel more and more trust between my traumatised horse and me. I keep working on it, because I love to do this and we are only beginning. Thank you for your uplifting work and course!