The unprecedented times we are living through has allowed me to complete the Trust Technique video course and it has been a truly beautiful experience, and I can honestly say, life changing. My initial intention was to help my little dog Nora to find peace, but the journey the course took me on turned the focus onto myself, and opened my eyes to the idea that I needed to be a peaceful teacher to truly help her. I've been lucky enough to have the time in these difficult months to use the Technique for humans to work through so many parts of my personal history and lighten the weight of many intense feelings. I AM that classic case of the adopted person who felt drawn to the little streetdog in the shelter, so we have definitely been sharing our feelings, but without being able to help each other. The Trust Technique has started a wonderful journey for both of us. Since beginning to share all the aspects of it with Nora, I have seen changes in her daily. My nearest and dearest have also remarked on the changes in me! We are beginning a truly special new chapter and I'm beyond delighted that I've been able to watch so many moving moments in the vast selection of videos made available in this course. There really isn't anything as special or as meaningful out there. I could write so much more but, at this stage I just want to Thank you for sharing, for teaching and for giving me the opportunity to learn, such a simple yet intricate way of building relationships. Nora and I are intensely grateful.