Betti Doherty

The first video course I have done. I was a little sceptical -purely because of myself, I thought I won't be motivated enough on my own to go through the full course. What I think now, having completed the course that it is one of the best way to learn new skills when you are on the other side of the world yet feeling so connected to the subject. I loved how it helped me to organise my own time, create a routine and keep up with my own schedule in order to stay in tune with the subject but without any pressure or stress to achieve what I wanted from this course. Thank you James and Shelley for making amazing efforts with the films (I know, as I used to be working as a documentary film editor. It is not always easy), creating a user friendly website and to involve anyone who is open to learn. And finally, after completed the course (approx 9 months) we rescued 3 dogs who (and us) benefit so much of everything I learnt here. Many thanks, again for your work!