For a decade, I rehabbed feral dogs for Gloucester Animal Control in VA. Word got to Springer Farm in Goochland County about the work I was doing. Springer Farm is a special kennel where very needy, ill, or behavior challenged dogs go for evaluation. There was a one-year old on Prozac there that no one could touch. I was asked if I would foster this young girl who was fear aggressive but acted more like a feral dog. When I met her, a connection happened for me instantly. The decision was made to bring her home. I called her Teak. She was hard-headed, distant, and yet somehow sad. Teak could not be handled or touched in any way. She scanned constantly for danger and was a real concern for everyone's safety. She would attack in a nano-second and even though I was a dog trainer, I couldn't see the clues of warning. I paid for a number of different approaches: behaviorists, animal communicators, aggression experts and other trainers. Nothing helped Teak - UNTIL I discovered the Trust Technique. I started with the Messages of Trust and moved on to the video course. For the first time, I had hope -true, undeniable hope. I followed the course with joy and enthusiasm and my girl responded. Improvement came in small doses but improvement none the less. Her overall demeanor softened. Her eyes rounded. The shallow breathing deepened. Then one day during my next offering of the Present Moment she went into a zero thinking level state. I watched as her body jerked and she kicked and her muzzle distorted. She was healing from her emotional trauma. I could see the energy coming to the surface. I watched and waited. Then, she was awake - head up and looking deeply into my eyes like she had never seen me before. From that moment forward, our lives have been different. She has confidence. She looks to me when questioning something. She moves gracefully and with poise. I believe she is finally happy in her own skin. This miracle of the Trust Technique has made such a profound change to my life I have vowed to continue to grow and learn by signing up for the practitioner course. What I have seen with my own eyes is too valuable not to share. Teak and I are full of gratitude for this amazingly simple but totally grounded and profound Trust Technique.