The Trust Technique (TT) is a life-changer, both for the animal and the human. My story: I volunteer for the Animal Control Shelter in Gloucester, VA and discovered I have a real knack for helping feral dogs. Word of my work got to Goochland County and Springer Farm where misbehaving dogs end up to be evaluated - the final evaluation. The president of that organization contacted me about an aggressive dog they had that they felt acted more like a feral dog. With my background, they hoped I could help this girl that no one could touch. I drove to Springer Farm to meet her and made the decision to foster her. She was on Prozac and couldn't be groomed or vetted - she wouldn't allow anyone to touch her. She was 1 year and 3 months. Previously to learning the TT, I tried everything. I had read countless books and took countless courses, tried deferring exercises, hired an aggression expert - all in the hopes of helping my very fearful, aggressive springer, Teak. Nothing worked until the TT. Teak was so sensitive it took many sessions in very small doses but finally, I saw a change in her eyes. The TT was working. She was gaining in confidence and trust and started to realize her way of protecting herself had no real purpose in her life with me. It was a milestone I never believed would come. And the part of the TT that totally resonated with me is that Teak was in control through Mindful Regard of her own emotional healing. We spent hours in the principles of the TT and our lives were forever changed. The bond - the connection - the intuition that she and I feel together fills our lives with joy, comfort, confidence and trust that has no bounds.