I really enjoyed this introductory course of the Trust Technique it was very well organized in its delivery and inspiring! After taking the course I decided to apply the techniques on my backyard wild animals which include squirrels, chipmunks, birds and a rabbit. Over period of a couple of weeks I sat on the ground in the same spot and time the animals started to get more comfortable with my presence. Soon the chipmunks started getting curious enough to come over to me wondering who is this large animal that sits with us. Now they feed out of hand and soon the squirrels who where watching decided I wasn't a threat, thus they too became curious enough to check me out. Now the squirrels are very relaxed in my backyard when I am out doing garden work. Many of them come around just to see what I am up to as well as hangout on my deck on the railings laying under the shelter of the umbrella. I tried some thing different with the rabbit where I did the trust technique but I put had some almonds on a rock that I was sitting next too. I was wondering if it would come up to me for a little snack. I sat for awhile a good twenty minutes and then I became to softly hum. This was the trick because with in two minutes the rabbit came right up beside me then made its way around to the rock for the almonds. Now the rabbit when it see me in the mornings doesn't run away it just calmly nibbles away at the greenery in my gardens. I have one little young Starling (fledging) who one day landed on the back of my deck chair while I was having my coffee. She was squawking in my ear and wouldn't go away until I gave she something to eat. I had some golden raisins in my pantry so I cut some up and gave some to her which she enjoyed, then off she went. I thought that was it since I didn't see her for a while then she came back, but this time she just sat on the back of my deck chair softly chipping in my ear. I realized she just wanted to visit, but I didn't expect her to stay for an hour. Now she comes daily for a little food and visit but in time I am sure she will move on with her family once migration season begins.