The Trust Technique has improved and strengthened my relationship with my very reactive dog . I finally realized that my emotional chaos at the time that I got Edgrr was funnelling straight into Edgrr's sensitive little 4-week-old brain, and that began an ever-increasing battle, he reacts to my emotional mess, then I react to his reaction, well you know the story. After 3 trainers, the last one using e-collar and check chains to control my out-of-control 6-month-old, the e-collar, I'm ashamed and mortified to say, was the only thing that would snap Edgrr out of his fugue state of excitement so he could finally learn. At one year, Edgrr tore his crucial ligament, and healing began, no surgery, using Conservative Management to control his movement. I can definitely attest to the difficulty in keeping a year old dog calm, no running, no physical high movement at all. Finally found TT and it has been invaluable, calming Edgrr into a deep healing sleep was very dramatic in his recuperation. We still have tons of work to do, but this beautiful form of communication has been pivotal in getting my boy to use his ramp to get in my jeep, calming him before friends come over, and most of all, the deep healing sleeplike trance he goes onto using the Trust Technique. I can see immediately when he wakes up, that his limp is practically non existent and we are starting on our first outdoor walks in 10 months. I am so enthusiastic about the Trust Technique, my friends are sick of me raving about Edgrr's and my little victories. I am even getting his nails trimmed without fuss, only one ot two at a time but I'm confident that next year at this time he will just hand his paw over for nail trimming. Most importantly, I will never use the ecollar on Edgrr again! I am definitely pursuing my passion for TT and will be taking the practitioners course as well. Bless James and Shelley for all you do to help animals and humans across the world and for sharing your knowledge, and teaching us about this amazing and simple technique to improve and enrich all our relationships with our beloved animals, and people too. Thank you.