This has been completely transformative! I have felt the need for a new communication model with horses, humans and life in general. I’m highly competitive and didn’t see that as fear based or as a block in my growth. I now have a better understanding of the shift that needs to happen to turn that competitive spirit into play If I see it as play vs competition, it enhances the peace. I also deeply appreciate the technique of clear intention in communicating desire. My trainer says my horses are intense overachievers. I knew my horses are my reflection. I knew I was the intense one. But I had no technique to address that. My dogs has moments when they would trigger intense barking, overstimulated excitement. I had no tool to stop them. Last night I used the lowered thinking and projecting the peace to them. It was amazingly effective! I could quiet my mind, project that feeling to them and they found peace too! I’m going now to ride my horse. He has anxiety with lead changes. I’m going to use the technique to become present and focused, and see how it influences the changes. I’m super excited to continue!