Charlotte Templeton

I absolutely love this. My situation is I have a 100 pound English Sheppard and American bulldog mix, a black heeler foster, a red heeler mix foster and a shih-tzu. The heelers came to me quite upset as the black heeler was aloud to steel the red heelers food and nip at her. This caused the red heeler to be emaciated. become fear aggressive and a guarder of anything she sees as high value. The English Sheppard is young and was raised around this behavior and has adapted some of these behaviors. I paid $2,400 to a trainer for the Bulldog mix but it didn't change these behaviors because the heelers are the same. Problem is he's over twice the girls size and weight and we have had some nasty unfair fights. I have had to buy 3 large kennels to put inside my house and tethers on each side of the room so each dog gets a little freedom inside. While I am able to keep a clear mind working with each dog individually its impossible and unsafe to do with the whole pack. Question is does you're series address this what feels like an impossible situation?