Christa Friedli Müller

I am deeply touched by the Trust Technique and impressed by its power. The present moment helps me personally a lot in my work as a body therapist - both with people and animals. In my work on the central nervous system I give the patients a lot of space, with TT this feeling is deepened even more. Personally, TT has enabled me to find a childhood and playfulness that I was not granted as a child. I think that is why the story of Kay the bear and her friends touched me so deeply, because through TT they found their playfulness again. I am very lucky to be part of the translation team and edit the German texts. Of course, this work also helps me to deepen my knowledge of TT, as I am once again intensively dealing with the texts and videos. Wonderful. And I think my journey will continue and I will do the TT Practitioner. Dear Shelley, dear James, dear TT Team, it's great that you exist! Thank you so much for your work and for sharing your knowledge.