Hi all, I just love the Trust Technique and the Trust Technique Video Course. I have a life long membership and watch the Course at the hole for the third time now and even if I do know all the videos I detect small things or subtle hinches, which I didn´t caught watching the course the last time. And sometimes if I´m really stressed out and annoyed , I just watch the consultations and let the Peace of Mind "drop out" of the video and let the magic work on me. :-)))) What I love about the Trust Technique is, that it is all about connection, clearity and respect and of course trust. It´s a love ly and easy way to grow personally, for yourself as well as for your animals. And it´s so successful because you allow the otherone to be as he is, not judging him but offering him a way, how to be peaceful and confident in all kind of situations. And it´s soft, kind, regarding, loveing AND easy. All the Best and thanks for this great work :-)))) Christiane