Christiane Weninger

It is really amazing to me what we can achieve when we practice the present moment. Yesterday I worked with my cat and to day also with my horse. First story about my cat: As i wrote already my cat has ben injured and I just can´t get her to a doctor in a cave and car. So I bought a really big one for dogs and where she can´t get more injuries. I tried to get in the present moment just to help her not getting so wild. But it was so difficult for me to came down my self. And it happened that she some how was able to open the zipper of the cave and all of a sudden she was next to me in the car. And also down at my feet. Uh I had to turn aside it was too dangerous to keep on driving. Then I calmed down myself and told her, listen this was just a little ride and we will go home now. At this moment I stoped thinking and she sat on my lap and looked out of the window and we drove home like that. And at home after she went outside and had something to eat she went asleep in her scratch tree and I saw her back leg in firmly. Then I again practiced the PM and then I started to do feldenkrais (I learned thin in swisserland during one year of teaching) and I realized that also when I do feldenkrais with animals I have to get into the PM. And my cat started to release her pain und also her leg. So with the PM I was able not only to help her with her leg I could also help her to release her drama, when she was put on the street as a baby and all alone. Today I gave her feldenkrais again starting with the PM. And as I learned from the course I had to prove my thoughts. Wich was also not so easy. And I found out when it is a thought and when I started with thinking about a thought. So next my horse: Anton, he is stressed I think, because it must be stressful when you always look for food, no. That means he checks my pockets. And it not nice to be pushed just because he asks for a goody. So I said to my self why not try the PM and see what happens. It took me at least 20 min. He went back and forth he turned to the other horses and banged against the door auf our cleaning area. But once in a while he come towards me and asked again for a goody. I gentle pushed him aside. And he went away. I had to go back to the PM every time he came and went. But the interesting to me was that his ears always turned to me. And after some work he came on my side stayed there nice and quite without pushing me. I waited for a minute. I thought too long is not good. Just to keep this good moment for him. I just took the holster put it over his head, he was still standing and not bothering. And for my first time he went back with me to his place in the stable passing two haysacks and not one look to the hay. I could easily lead him on a lead rope. I was so happy and thankful. And then you won´t beliefe it all the other horses except the leader where sleeping on the ground. I though could that be that these horses enjoyed also what I did with mine? And coming home I worked again with my cat. It is so wonderful to see and understand their questions and thoughts. I found out when my cat tells me - please stroke me - and when she doesn´t want it. Getting to know that I also learned through the lessons with James when I should go back to the PM and leave the cat without stroking and when she starts asking for a stroke. And at the end she asked me to put my hand under her head and she let go and relaxed stretching her legs and yarning. And on the pic you can see that her leg is no more firmly tightened. I can only post one pic but next time you get the nice one of my horse. Because after I did the PM with him he also went back and relaxed. Just wonder full. Thanks for sharing.