Christiane Weninger

I just thought I love to share my tow stories with you. My first one was with my cat. I had this problem with a mail cat coming around and I started to feed him, give him a name and place outside in a little garden hut. But at the same time I started to realise that my little girl cat, which I have for not quite a year now, was completely irritated. I know my cat was a baby cat from the street and she used to live with a family for a year after they saved her form the street. And then they had to give her away due to allergy problems with their kid. After watching the video with the cat and then the trust technique for humans I realised that this is exactly my problem. So I did that work instructed by James and guess what. I came to my action plan. I could leave all my bad feelings behind and also my being so nervous. So my cat used to sleep next to me in my bed but since that mail cat came she stopped doing this. And after my tt session for myself the next day I just wanted to go to my sleeping cat and strike her but she didn´t purr. I started the present m. and all of a sudden I started to cry bitterly. All my old deep emotions of my childhood came up and I felt so sorry for that. I could feel how these emotions swapped over to my cat. She left. And then I could release my feelings and all of a sudden I felt so free and light. I was so thankful for the Trust technique for myself. And my princes Lilli came at that night and cuddled her self next to my head purring for a long time. Since that she looks so different at me. Since that the stranger didn´t come any more. But today he came. And it was such a lovely experience to me. I saw Lilli getting a bit nervous, not as before. I sat next to the window and she come over right next to my. Just as James said, when they realise they can trust you they will come. And that happened. I started with the present moment and it didn´t take long and Lilli went up to her high seat with her bed. I then continued the pm as she was still looking after the other cat outside. I had the chance to see him in the mirror next to me. So I didn´t have to turn away on order to see weather the cat was gone or not. Lilli relaxed more and more and all of a sudden the cat was gone. This was such a lovely feeling and made me so happy that I managed to help not only Lilli but myself too. So my second story is about my horse. I have my horse since he was 6 months old. I saved him from the butcher. He was put on a rope next to his mother so that he could not reach her for drinking the milk. We are really close friends but there are some things I could not manage. So one is, that he likes to tweak me and constantly asks for goodies. Yesterday I started with the pm and it was really hard to calm him down. BUT I realised I couldn´t not come down myself. I had no idea why. I had time but no patience. And I just was nervous. I thought oh my good do I have a heart problem or what´s wrong with me. I couldn´t manage to calm down. So I did the pm with myself again and as soon as I realised that he got a little of my calming down I let it bee. Then I did a little bit of riding and after that I went with him straight into the open stable and he started to eat his hay. I got nervous again. And first I thought, I need to see a doctor. But then I said to myself, the doctor is not what it needs. There is something with in me that made me nervous. And while I was just there trying to be and regard my horse I realised what was going on. To be honest I could feel the pressure I had when I was a child. The pressure I got from my father. The pressure to do things quicker and perfect and only what he wanted me to do, never what I was up to. When I got that feeling I started to cry again (as it was with my cat). I could let go my old feelings and then give mindful regard to my horse. He then stopped eating started to relax and went down to level 1. And all of a sudden he lied down. I moved next to him peacefully and he started to put his head next to my knee. I wished I had my camera with me. But I just enjoyed this peaceful moment and that we both could let got our old feelings. Thanks James for this wonderful work and that I have the chance to learn more and more about it.