Christiane Weninger

I stumbled upon a commercial of the TT on youtube and was caught by it from the very first moment. I have a 17 year old Haflinger horse Anton whom I have since he was 6 months and I rescued him from the butcher. I also have a little sweet and wild cat Lilli that was found on the street by her previous owner. So I that there are some matters I would love to do the TT with both of my animals. And I started with Lilli the cat. As she had wild reactions and scratched me all over. Not because she was mean no, she was happy but over active and didn't know how to handle her energy as she was found as a baby without mom. And the more I did with present moment and mindful regard the better it was. And now she can play with me very wild still but she doesn't pull her claws any more. She is nice and soft with me. Also my horse Anton. I did train him to lift his legs gently since he was a baby. But he love to pull the front legs away whilst I like to clean them or when the barefoot trimmer works on it. So I also did TT almost every time when I was with him, means between 4-5 days a week and I did TT first as James says in his peaceful place and then slowly I started in the cleaning area. I also told my barefoot trimmer what to do and we tried sometimes to chit chat next to Anton. Well he didn´t like that so I just told her not to speak with me whilst I do the TT next to her and Anton came down to level 2 I would say most of the time and she could do the hoof without any problem. And we are still keeping progress on that and other things I would like to work better in trust. What can I say, I am just so impressed of what you and Shelly do with animals to help them and the owner. I can´t find words, it is a deep feeling that also helps me with the TT for humans. I want to thank you for that. Thank you for sneaking into my land my animals life. And I am looking forward starting with the coming up practitioner course. Thanks from my heart to you and your team too. You do a wonderful job for animals and humans. Best Christiane, Anton and Lilli