Christiane Weninger

I have actually two testimonials. 1. my horse Anton. He was always testing me when I wanted to get his front hoof. And since I started to practice the present moment it changed a lot. Almost 9 out of 10 times he just lifts the hoof by him self. I just need to point at the leg and ask him if it is OK to take it and clean it. 2. my cat Lilli. She was a baby cat when she was found on the street alone by her self. A family took her home to Austria and there she stayed for one year. And then they had to give her away as their daughter became allergic to the cat. There are two subjects I am working on. The first is her wilderness as she sometimes gets so exited on what ever that she just scratches me to hard. and the second is, that she gets bitten by other cats quite often and the first time she didn´t allow me to get close to her at all. And just today she was injured again. And now she lets me get closer and closer. She also put her had into my palm of my hand. And then I started to practice the present moment after she wanted to lay on a different place. And it was so good to see her relaxing and stretching. Wanderful.