Hi there, it´s a lot to say about the Trust Techique. And it´s all positive :-))) First of all, what I really love is that it is ever so gentle and kind for the animal as well as the human. As James phrases it: Where peace arrives the unpeace has to leave, so if the human is offering the present moment, he is becoming peacefull himself and that already does a lot of good.... Secondary it´s that James deliver´s a feeling towards the animal. If he is proud of an animal you actually can feel the pride across a camera onto your Laptop, and see how much this does for the animal. This truly feeling a feeling instead of just talking about a feeling. Next is that he does differentiate between sympathy ( feeling sorry for ) as a no-no and empathy (feeling with), which for me is quite exceptional and totally necessary for healing. Offering the peace of mind in this mindfull regarding way makes it even gentler and opens the space for easy learning for the animal and again for the human as well. Last but not least the Trust Technique is so easy and effortessly to learn, that everyone is able to do so and.... change the world to the better :-))))