Christine Bauer

James and Shelley, I am very grateful for the work you do and share with us. You have managed to pick up on animal language and translate it into an understandable form for us humans. It was a joy and a privilege to be able to get an insight into the workings of calmness and a life beyond the visible. Being calm and “without judging” and “doing nothing” besides BEING AWARE, yet having the greatest of beneficial impact on all ones living environment was a healing revelation to me. This insight will help not only oneself, but all the humans and animals that come into contact with this understanding. James, your teaching is in essence love. My precious cat who has now passed, taught me this kind of love by just being in the moment, regardless of the seemingly important things of my everyday life. In this sense, this course is a materialisation of lessons coming from animals to humans,, mediated by James and Shelley! Thank You!