Christine Schickinger

Two years ago, I saw a Trust Technique video on Facebook, where James walks in a pasture, sits down, and one by one all horses come close and lie down with him. I was amazed. And even more so, when I learned, that there was a video course where I could study and practice the Trust Technique with my own horse. What a wonderful way to spend time with Chio! When I saw the Practitioner Course, I was far too timid to apply. I thought that I never ever would be accepted. Thanks to my friends who kept encouraging me, I applied... And now - I'm a certified Practitioner for Large Animals and am waiting to get my results from my Domestic Animal certification. Studying and practicing the Trust Technique has changed my life. It enables me to do what I always dreamed of - but never expected to come true: I spend a lot of time with animals, make people's eyes shine, and bring a little bit more peace to everyone I work with. Thank you for everything you do, Shelley and James! You definitely make this world a better place!