I have two rescue dogs from Greece who I brought back to the UK following an 18 month stay. The oldest suffered pretty substantial trauma in her early life and whilst I love her dearly and have done my best for her, she has behavioural issues which mean I can't let her be around other dogs as she gets nervous when they approach and can lash out. This makes life difficult and also means that my younger dog hasn't had the life she should have. I've tried everything, I've watched every dog training video I could find, followed every technique, bought every single gadget that was meant to help - sometimes things work for a few days or even weeks - at home, when we're calm, she's perfect but when we go outside, she can't cope with the world and I've never been able to communicate to her that she's safe - I want her to be able to run and play so I've signed up to the Video Course and am praying that this will work (I'm a muslim so believe in prayer) !! This "technique" is beautiful and if I can make it work it will transform not only her life but my own.