Coral Morris

I have a great pyrenees mix and a pittie mix. After we moved to a new house more than a year ago, they became increasingly reactive to other dogs and people. What I thought would be a quiet street in the back of the housing development, turns out to be the busiest street in the development. Constant cars, people, dogs, stray cats, and deer passing in front of the house or through the wooded area behind. It got to a point where the dogs seemed to be barking near constantly and I work from home so that made meetings problematic. Sleep was right out the window. I was overwhelmed and at my wits end when I found the Trust Technique. And wow, what a difference it made. I'm a week in and my dogs have stopped barking at almost everything. People, animals, cars, construction noises at the end of the street; they could care less. Still working on the UPS guy. I feel calmer, less stressed and less anxious and so do the dogs. And how wonderful to sleep through the night again. Looking forward to finishing the course and seeing where it will take us.