Daria Aquilina

I have been a volunteer at my local dog shelter here in Cyprus for the last 5 years and have 4 of my own dogs, 2 are "failed fosters" from the shelter and the 2 my own personal "rescues" plus 2 foster dogs, plus 1 cat. Over the years I have fostered approximately 40 dogs, including 3 litters of puppies. I tend to be the "hospital wing" ­čÖé of the shelter and I have fostered many that were recovering from surgery or the very stressed or scared dogs. The "scared/traumatised" dogs have increasingly become more and more scared, the latest foster I have had a week is the most scared I have had and I need specialist guidance. The "Messages of Trust" have been an amazing experience and I am truly grateful for coming across them. The "Trust Technique" is what I have been looking for and I feel will be the answer for my latest foster and also for helping my own dogs and our personal connections and life enhancement for myself and the animals in my care. From what I have seen so far the Trust Technique is perfectly in line with my approach and beliefs and is absolutely wonderful, the tutorials and videos so far have been great. With the amazing videos of ARES, tears of joy for this over-sized kitten. I look forward to progressing with the Animal Communications course and the Trust Technique and I look forward to enhancing my work with my pets and my foster doggies and eventually training as a TT Practitioner. Thank you, and God bless you both for this amazing path to living, teaching and working with animals and to my future new career after retiring from my office job. Happy New Year 2022.