Diane Laes

I have Frosty, a 25 year old white shetland pony. His left eye is brown and the right eye is blue. In 2013 he developed laminitis. 3 vets said to put him to sleep. I decided to help him continue. He did not look like he wanted to "leave" so we dug in and did our best to keep him going. He recovered. Over the past 10 years Frosty had his ups and downs and some very long level periods of decent health. When I arrive daily at his stall, he is normally standing up, head is over his half door, he nickers, wants his carrot then wants out of the stall when the carrot is gone. This past November, two days before Thanksgiving, I arrived at the barn and he was down in his stall and appeared mentally gone. He had rapid breathing with long non breathing pauses and weird whole body twitches at times. Frost is a boarded horse and the barn owner thought it was time to PUT HIM DOWN!. I sat next to him and watched awhile. I decided to try Quantum Energetics repairs (a type of energy work I do) to see if he would come out of whatever was causing him to appear as though he was on the way out. His kidneys were insufficient and his vagus nerve was inflamed. He required just two repairs, 1 for the kidneys and 1 for the vagus nerve. The repairs worked! I observed him for about 10 minutes, and watched his eyes open and the lights were on again! He looked at me, shook his head, looked left and right as though to say, "where the heck was I when you arrived?!!" He then stood up and shook himself off then proceeded to whip open his stall door and wobbled his way outside. Here is where the Trust Technique comes in. I had just started to practice the technique I had learned online. Frosty provided an opportunity for more practice and amazement. He was weak for a few days after he skipped his "check out time". He wanted to stay in his stall more rather than go walk about the farm grounds. So, I sat in his stall with him and practiced "staring". WELL, he responded to it! He slowly nodded off, then he lay prone and went into a deep asleep. We did this at about 2 o'clock for three days. After the third day in a row of it, he was back to his usual routine of greeting and going out to wander the farm grounds, visiting with the mares and his stallion buddies once again from his side of the fence. Now, he will lie down to signal he wants to do the Trust Technique rather than go outside, so we sit in his stall to stare and he snoozes. I should mention that Frosty has his own cat named Iris. She is white also. She sleeps under his manger in his stall. The first day we did the stare for Frost after his short lived unwell episode, she crawled out and sat on my ankles and purred the whole time with her eyes closed. Another cat, a wild tom cat new to the barn, happened to pass by the open stall door. He stopped, looked in, then walked in and looked up at my face then at the purring Iris. He crawled into my lap and began doing flips until I petted him then let him stay on my lap. He too began to purr. Then 3 other cats came into the stall and lay on opposite sides of Frosty purring. I was amazed and pleased with my cat buddies! We all sat there with Frost for about 2 hours doing on and off staring while he lay stretched out deeply snoozing, off in some other realm. We continue to do this on the occasional days now when Frost just wants to lay rather than wander the farm . He really seems to get a charge from it which keeps him going to visit his farm friends. I am very surprised by the results for Frosty and so pleased as well!