This has really opened the door for me. I have been a so called ' animal lover' since I was a child. You grow up and forget. I used to talk to cats, dogs and horses then started to listen to 'experienced' people on how to train horses, dogs as time went on . Recently as mature lady and human healer I wanted to return to owning a pony. I bought a young pony. It became difficult to handle. The 'experienced ' helper again, stepped in ( and I out of desperation I took advice). He became so frightened he could not understand anything that was going on. I made the mistake of selling him on. I couldn't cope with the situation. Had I discovered this course then, when I had him ,I feel convinced I could have the tools to help him. He was a sensitive pony. This course is easy to understand. Easy to put into practice ( I have a happier dog now to!) and the end video's have pointed me back on the path of stillness. This in itself is a wonderful thing to pass on. Brilliant course. Thank you so much.