I first came across the trust technique years ago when I rescued two horses who needed something other than the usual 'do as I say or else' routine. All of the horsey people around me were insisting that I just needed to be firm, keep tension on the reigns, let them know who was boss. But, being as strong willed as my horses, I decided to try something new and luckily came across the trust technique which was everything I needed to build trust and have a wonderful, mutually pleasing relationship with my horses. They became partners and forget tension on the reigns, we had such a great bond, I only had to think about what I wanted and could easily reassure them if they were worried about something. Since then the trust technique has helped me rehabilitate 100's of dogs and cats as well as easily help wildlife and the odd random addition to the family like goats and pigs. It's a universal language which seems to get us on the same wave-length. From the wilful to the fearful, the trust technique allowed me to be both gentle whilst exuding a calm confidence which inspired the animals to follow me, to guide them, dare I say - lead them! I would 100% recommend the trust technique to animal professionals (I personally know groomers, trainers, veterinarians and animal shelter volunteers who use the trust technique with great success), any pet owner, people who love to interact with nature, farmers and even people who suffer from anxiety because it is amazingly beneficial for people as well. A huge thank you to James and Shelley for creating these courses and doing their bit to be the change the world needs to see.