Evi De Weerdt

I have loved every second of this video course! And love that this is an super easy way to rapidly and consistently improve the lives of my many rescue animals here at home. It's been a little over a week now that I've been using the trust technique and already my 2 dogs, who were previously at war inside the house, stopped being at each other's throat constantly. During the sessions, they have even started to share the bed they sleep on. Of course, when there is food involved, I still need to be careful, but even that has decreased. I'm currently working on establishing the invisible lead inside the house. Pretty soon I'll be able to start the invisible lead outside as well, which will hopefully help resolve my youngest dog's issues with his territorial behaviour towards them. In the cats, the trust technique has less of an obvious effect. I apparently am not that good at reading cat behaviour... I always thought they didn't like each other, as they constantly hiss and fight each other. From the very first moment I started using the trust technique (just before bedtime, while laying in the bed), instead of having just 1 of them join me on the bed, I all of a sudden found myself surrounded my 4 out of 6 cats, all purring and snoozing together! Unfortunately, the 2 that need it the most, are the ones that seem to be reluctant to join in. I suppose it's a little too intense for them. But I'm sure, as long as I keep up regular sessions up, keeping their needs in mind, they too will join in shortly! Thank you for sharing this lifesaving method!!