Dear James and Shelley: Many years have elapsed since, in a single and firm act of volition, I decided to drastically quit smoking, drinking alcohol and eating the product of the slaying of innocent animals… I have to accept the fact that it was not an easy turn, but that single decision strengthened my will power as I wouldn’t even dream possible. The fact is that since then, April, 1966, I have not eaten any part of murdered animals, I have not had a single shot of Scotch, nor have I smoked a single cigarette. Through that simple act I firmly took my first step on the narrow Path that takes us to the Eternal Present. In my trajectory I found Meditation, Yoga, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Great Universal Brotherhood, Occultism, Dianetics, etc… trips to India, Gurus, Ashrams, Sadhanas, and on, and on. Many years later I came to the conclusion that all those Schools, Teachings and Gurus have a common factor: The search of that Light mentioned in each one of them. The ultimate goal is always the same, even if they give different definitions and directions. Most of them offer the “one and only way” to reach the Eternal Home while very few accepts that “all roads lead to Rome”. Each offers a direct ticket to the end point, as long as you submit to their norms, sometimes unreachable and many say the destination is only attained after death, because no one is accepted in Paradise while wearing the fleshly costume… (their idea of hell and heaven drastically rejects the fact that we carry both of them as a portable item and either one is readily attainable depending of our state of consciousness). In my 82 years on this Planet Earth I never heard such a simple way to explain, and prove, their simple steps to reach “the present moment”, “the HERE AND NOW”, the Divine State of Consciousness that opens the door to the other dimensions. I have only finished Section 2 of the Trust Technique Video Course, and I have been able to observe not only the perfect response of so many types of animal to your silent command, but I have also seen the easy it is for you to teach other people, real profanes of the subject, the technique you use to enter the silent state which is the way all animals, and maybe plants, communicate with each other. All those theories that state that “All is One” are clearly seen throughout your videos… but the best part of it all is that now it is so easy to be Here and Now… and this is not only I who can practice the Trust Technique but its doors are open to anyone who is really interested and ready to works for it . To put it in few words, this Technique is one of the greatest discoveries of our times, because this wonderful practice has been delivered to the world so the people of good feelings can help not only those beings so called irrational animals, but also the practitioner is helped way beyond his own comprehension. What do I think of it? Three qualifying adjectives 1.- Enlightening 2.- Awakening 3.- Extraordinary Thank you for sharing the blessings you have received! Federico Landaeta