After a year and a half of working my way through this course I finished it this evening. I didn't want to watch the last video as I have loved spending some of my evenings with James and his incredible way with animals. I felt quite tearful during the final story with Delorean. I have been trying to use the Trust Technique with my very anxious, high thinking, Miniature Schnauzer. I am having some success but it is a slow process. James would probably sort him out in no time at all. I don't have words to describe the awe and respect I have for James and Shelly and this technique they have developed. The course gradually increases ones knowledge and understanding, and the many real examples of it being used on different animals leads to a deeper and deeper understanding of how to use the technique. I do hope this isn't the end and that more examples will be added to the course to further increase our knowledge as James refines his process. And my greatest hope is that I will be able to meet James and Shelly one day. Thank you for an amazing experience and for all the wonderful work you do with and for animals.