Georgianna Smith

I bought a super sensitive horse. She has lead me on a journey of figuring out what she needs. I am having a lot of fun with just the first messages. My creative reactions have lead to creative reactions from the horses too!! Wishka has trouble walking thru the woods with me. I have walked the same paths one hundred times and she still air cribs and acts dangerous. Believe me I am still on the ground! I tried to ride her lately with a buddy but had to make him wait and bury her head in his tail to stay safe. I want my old horse with no teeth to eat clover. Nice and soft and I hope digestible so we like to walk to the unused field. Today I put the halter on the lead mare and off the four of us went. Wishka, my sensitive horse has over come most of the fear on the way there so I let her play and run free on the way there... Once there and everyone had had their fill I put the halter on Wishka. I asked to her with as little high thinking as I could muster to walk home with me slowly, even if everyone else dashed off. please. Well! creatively thinking I listened to her when she asked to hurry on down the path before the others thought about leaving. The old mare came with us. She only past us when she had to tumble down the steep hill. Her son followed her. To my surprise they stopped at the bottom of the hill and waited on us. The old mares mate stayed behind us. This is the first time ever that the loose horses did not take off willy nilly, for a nice run home. They all walked behind us home. Wishka air cribbed only twice before she realized they were waiting on her. I am sharing the ideas with everyone that will slow down and hear me. I am having so much fun with it. I am listening to the messages over and over and over. Georgie