This course has been life changing for me and my incredible friend and teacher, my dog Janssen. At the age of two het was extremely traumatised during a visit at the vet. Ever since I could not take him to a vet any more. Nobody was able to touch him. Then I found this "natural" vet who also communicated with him and she told him he needed acupuncture. That would have been absolutely impossible without the Trust Technique. I practised it for some months with him and when it was time for the acupuncture I used it to calm him down and he let her put 3 needles. It was incredible and really made me cry. A few weeks ago he left his beautiful body and during his last few months the Trust Technique has been a beautiful help to absolutely enjoy our last time together. James, you are such a gift to this world, the way you work with all these animals, all those beautiful video's. It feels like coming home, sharing this beautiful space together with other beings. Thand you so much for this incredible gift James and Shelley. You make my heart sing ???